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QUESTION: if my ex husband is in Germany because hes a german citizen i'm American citizen living in usa he divorced me 22 years ago I just wanna know how I can get a copy of the divorce quickly so I can file my I-130 for my new husband to come to usa I've been trying so long but even calling Germany my german not good enough,just want someone who can get the copy for me i'd be glad to pay the fee or the cost for obtaining the copy

ANSWER: Hello,

you have several options for obtaining a copy of your German divorce decree:
- contact the Family Court in German which issued the divorce
- contact one of the lawyers involved in the case
- contact your ex-husband

It depends on your specific case of course, whichever of these is the easiest and quickest option.

When you contact the Family Court, you will need to include as much information as possible:
- names of both spouses
- approximate time of the divorce
- date of the marriage
- addresses of both spouses then
- DOB of both spouses

If you need any letter to be written in German, I'll be happy to help. I won't even charge my full fee for it, but instead accept one of the books of my wishlist as a sign of appreciation.

Andreas Moser

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QUESTION: to contact family court I tried my german is not good enough,they did not speak English,i don't know any lawyers involved, my ex got it in 1991 my ex was on facebook I tried asking him but he said hes married again and not gonna waste his time so im loosing my mind trying to get such a simple paper and ive called many lawyers here that cant help since its out of usa

As I said, I'll be happy to help. Just contact me directly with all of the details listed above and I can set up the letter or e-mail to the court in German.

If that won't work, we'll get the record from the public registry in Germany which would at least have the information about your husband's divorce because otherwise he couldn't have remarried later.

Andreas Moser

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