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hi there.
In 2005 I bought a property in france with my own money but put my partners name on the deeds. When he died in 2009 I was told by my notiare that the property would go into probate as he had three children in which I k did not know of. I have tried to contact her on many many occasions and had no reply I have proved that the children did not carry his name on there birth cirtificates etc.but still my notaire will still not reply to me as to what is happening. I have never had any papers in regards to my property being in probate and this has been going on for nearly 4 years is there a time limit for her to be doing this and should she be informing me

Since I practices in Germany I only deal occasionally with French law. However, according to what you are saying (or what you are not saying) I doubt that the notary would have to deal with you at all because I do not see that you have a claim in the inheritance. You neither seem to be a spouse of the deceased nor his blood relative nor a partner in a pacte civil de la solidarité (PACS) concluded with him nor did you mention a will favouring you. If in these scenarios the three children would turn out not to be heirs eventually this would not mean that you have a respective entitlement. So if you want to raise claims on the grounds of having financed the purchase of the propertzy I would strongly advise you to get a French lawyer and pursue your claims in court.  

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