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Mrs Schulz-Burgess,

I'm a US Citizen and my ex-wife is a German citizen.  We were married from 1995 until 2003.  I was in the military at the time of our divorce, and had to come back to the US.  When I left I was told I had lost all custodial rights to our son who was born in 1999.  In 2010 while I was stationed in Korea I was ordered to pay child support.  At the time I was having financial difficulties, and the Military had the order stopped.  Last week I received another order to pay child support and spouse support. In our divorce decree there was no mention to an amount for child support or pouse support. My pay is now 800 bi-weekly, and the child support/spouse support order is for 485 bi-weekly. Can the German government take 500 for spouse support and child support from my check. I left the military in 2012, and make only half the salary I earned in the military which was my employer at the time of the divorce.  I'm now remarried, and have a small child that requires surgery, and a stepson that is Autistic and requires allot of health care.  With all the healthcare bills and now the large spouse support garnishment, I can't support my family. I have no problem paying child support, I just feel that after being divorced for 10 years, and her owning her own home business, I don't believe I should have to pay her my whole income for spouse support. Is there anything that I can do. I don't know if I should try to find and contact her or not. she has my parents contact info, but I have not heard or seen her in over 10 years. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Dear David,

According to German law you are allowed to keep at least 1000,00 EUR = US-$1317.74 per month for your own expenses. You are also allowed to keep some money to support your child in the US and possibly your current wife. I would need more information like the ages of your children to find out the exact amounts. I would also need to know the income of your current wife and your ex-wife and would like a copy of the documents you received from Germany.

I would be glad to calculate your support obligations if you want to use my service. I have experience with getting support enforcements adjusted. You can contact me at

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