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QUESTION: Dear Andreas,
I have been living in Germany ( Bayern) for 5 years now. Have a permanent contract and a permanent work permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis)finished B1 level of the German language (already started  B2). Just passed successfully also the Einbürgerungstest.

I lived previously in Italy for about 8 years.

Doing a research online, I found that the time of residence can be shortened if you lived in another EU country ( or had a residence permit there ) for some time.

See link below :

Is it possible to get the German citizenship in this conditions ( only with 5 years residence and not 8 ) or should I wait longer to apply ? Do the years I lived in Italy count or not ?

Thank you in advance and best regards.

ANSWER: Hello Ferdi,

the time spent in Italy does not count in Germany. The information under the link pertains to the time that EU citizens spend in Germany.

However, if you pass the B2 level and are otherwise well integrated in Germany, you can get naturalized after 6 years instead of 8 years (Nr. VV-StAG).

Alles Gute!

Andreas Moser

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QUESTION: Hi Andreas,

thanks a lot for your answer.

In the past there was an Orientierung Test ( the so called " Leben in Deutschland" test), but after April 2013 it is the same as the Einbürgerungstest.

Do you know if apart from the language level B2 is there any other test or course to complete in order to shortened the residence limit to 6 years or even less (in other words to show high levels of integration in the German society) .

Thanks again and best regards,

There are no other tests, unless you want to try the C1 or C2 language levels.

The level of integration will be determined by your social, economic, personal, family, political and so on integration. If you are active in society, in sports clubs or environmental associations, in parties, churches or trade unions, you should mention that when applying.

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