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Granddaughter is in temp. custody with grandfather in Germany.I have not seen her in almost 3 years except for skype calls on sundays with the mother that is here involved in a court case in Washington County ,Minnesota.She also has 2 brothers who havent seen her either,except for skype is looking as if the mother and father are going to lose custody to grandpa in Germany.If this happens she will lose her entire extended family here which is very large,way to many to list.The grandfather is doing everything he can to cut us all out of her life, he telling her stuff thats not true,telling her if she comes back here she will not have nice things that money can buy.
      When mother went to Germany with a passport she should not of gotten my son never gave her permission to get one,she used a birth. She new was not her legal Birth Cert.Even the agent I spoke with said she should of been charged with passport fraud but the  Washington Big shots didnt want to be bothered.He brought the mother over to help her to better her life and soon after she got there he kicked her out of his house with on where to go in a foreign country, what kind of father does that.he claimed to be worried about the mothers chemical issues but then why would he bring her there and start feeding her alcohol,DOES THAT SOUND LIKE HE IS CONCERNED ABOUT HER CHEM ISSUES.The guardian ad litem here even said he seen what really going on, the dad set her up to steal her child for his childless trophy wife. She cant have children and has had a couple of miscarriages,so they got a child.This has been a nightmare for this entire family.

Dear Dianna,

I assume that you are the mother of the mother of your granddaughter in Germany. According to German law normally only the parents have custody and visitation rights and not the grandparents. But this case seem to be an exception if the child lives with the German grandfather.

Your daughter will still have visitation rights. But I understand that it will be hard for you guys to travel to Germany to visit with your granddaughter. I have a partner in Germany and we have been successful in the past to obtain custody and visitation decisions for our American/British clients.  So that the child can live in the UK/US or visit the US once or twice a year for several weeks. But I would need more information about the age of the child etc. You can contact me directly at and I will be glad to schedule a telephone consultation for you and your daughter.

Carolin Burgess
Foreign Legal Consultant  

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