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hello,i really need your help and urgent response.

i am an ssylum seeker in assyl case has been closed finally.first rejection,apeal and offcourse the last appeal all i have been informed that my assyl case is finished and in a few weeks i could be issued a duldung.

i am in the process of getting married but i fear i may be deported before i finalise the marriage issues.
the standesamt have sent my documents to the oberlandgericht for approval.i have been told that takes about 6 weeks.even though i already have the bescheinigug uber die ammeldung der eheschliessung,can i still be deported?.
the amt already have my passport.
what protection do i have right now and what are my options¬?


§ 60a II AufenthG states that the deportation proceeding can be suspended in such a case. The suspension (by way of issuing you a "Duldung") is usually granted once a date for the wedding has been set.

In my experience, it depends a lot on the local authorities and the country to which you would be deported to. Some immigration authorities respect this, some don't. Generally, the trickier a deportation would be (e.g. to Syria), the better chances you have to stay. If the deportation would happen to a close-by country (e.g. Serbia or Kosovo) then the authorities are sometimes very quick, even if you are about to get married.

Depending on your home country, another option is of course to get married there and then return to Germany.

Good luck!

Andreas Moser  

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