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I was married in Wiesbaden, Germany Oct 1984. We were German Legally Separated in Taunnustein Hahn in 1987. I'm American and work for the Department of Defense. I returned to America in December 2001. My German separation agreement states that I turned over our eigentaum wohnung to my wife. Also that we had no financial obligation toward each other. I was not responsible for her bills and she was not responsible for mine if any were found to be in default by each other. My wife has never resided in America. I getting up in age and close to retirement and I need this part of my life closed out or final.I live in Virginia I have a home. I have filled out the Divorce decree paperwork I have received from the Court to start your divorce precedings I believe I still need translation of my German Separation agreement to English and Certified and Notarized. Also the English Virginia Divorce Decree probably must be translated and Notarized for the German Bunderepublic Court system and to be served to my wife in Germany. I'm requesting assistance for a Non-Contest divorce. Plus what approx it will cost. My wife has already said she would not help to pay for it, since it would be cheaper in America to file, than in Germany.

Dear Carter,

I would be glad to handle this matter for you. I would like to have an initial one hour advisory consultation by phone with you. Please send me an e-mail so that I can send you a client information form to fill out.  I will review your information, the separation agreement and the divorce decree (ca. 30 minutes). I work together with a certified German translator and will get a good price for the translation (ca. 20 min). In  the consultation I can inform you what would be the best option for you and what the costs will be. The translation costs depend on how many words are in a document.

My fee for the review of your information, to organize a translation estimate and the advisory consultation is US-$175.00. You can pay by PayPal (plus 4 % transfer costs in total $182.00) or you can send me a check over $175.00. My address is 306 South Walker Street, Columbia 29205 SC, USA.

You can also transfer the $175.00 into my bank account. I will give you the bank info in an e-mail.

After I received your additional information and the payment I can arrange per e-mail a time for you to call me at + 1 (803) 254 8153.

Carolin Schulz-Burgess
German Attorney at Law/Foreign Legal Consultant

German Legal Services
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I am a certified German laywer with professional experience in both German and American law firms. Since 2001 I have been working independently at my firm, German Legal Services. I have represented hundreds of clients on matters involving US-German legal issues. One of my firm's areas of specialization is in divorce and child support and custody issues between members of the U.S. Armed Forces and German civilians.

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I received my undergraduate and JD degrees both from the University of Wuerzburg, Germany, whose law school is consistently ranked in the top 10 in Germany.

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