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Dear Mr. Moser,

I am currently living in Germany, since 2 months, and I will be staying 13 more months, then I have to comeback to my country and finish my studies there. I would like in the future to apply for a discretionary naturalization.
Here is my case:
I am from Brazil, brazilian citizen. I study engineering and I have already a degree in Business.I can prove financial capacity for living without government help.
I am enrolled in masters programme in a University here in Germany. My German is currently B1 but is expected to me to become C1 in 4 months. I am expected also doing internship in a German Company soon. I have German ancestors from a straight line until my mother, then me. Unfortunately, they came before the actual German Unification (1871) - I have all the documents proving, so they were actually Prussians by the time they left, which disables me to applying for the regular German Citizenship.
Considering these ties with the country do you think it might be possible for me to obtain the discretionary naturalization? Is it worth trying? thank you very much!

Hello Marco,

I think you are on a good track, but it's not yet enough to apply for German citizenship. If you decide to stay in Brazil, you would need to show that you have extremely close ties to Germany over a long period of time. It would help if you could get a job at a German company, speaking German, be active in German cultural circles and so on.

With your qualifications, I think it might be easier to actually move to Germany after your graduation to work there and then apply for citizenship after living there for a few years. With your expected language skills, 6 years of residency would usually be required. The time you spend in Germany now will count towards the residency requirement ( 12b II StAG).

Lastly, everything goes faster and more easily if you get married to a German citizen. :-)

Alles Gute!
Andreas Moser

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