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    First I would like to thank you for even reading this question. My name is Alex Pusch, I'm 15 years old and my father is half german ( his father ) and half peruvian. When my father was born his father got him german citizenship. In 1968 they moved to the US and my father had his german citizenship until 1997 or 1998 and he was then naturalised as a US citizen. My father didn't know he would lose his german citizenship, and this was one year before I was born. So a few months ago my father went to the german consulate to see if he could renew his citizenship because he still had his reisepass from 1998, but the man there confiscated his reisepass and told him he can no longer be german. But I read a few minutes ago on the german website that it is now easier to reclaim german citizenship if it was lost by claiming another citizenship. So I was wondering if you have any advice for me. Just incase, my grandfather still and only has german citizenship. Thank you.

Hello Alex,

unfortunately the relaxed application of the law only applies to former German citizens who have lost German citizenship in 2000 or later and it would require an application within 12 years of having lost the German citizenship:

Your father could of course apply for re-naturalization, but he would need to have very good reasons if he wanted to keep his US citizenship in that process.

Sadly, even if your father were successful, it would not bestow German citizenship on you because he was not a German citizen when you were born and that is the only relevant time (regardless of what citizenship(s) he had before or after).

Your only chance therefore would be naturalization, but again Germany would require that you give up your US citizenship in the process.

I am sorry that I could not deliver any better news,
Andreas Moser

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