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Thank you for taking a look at my question.  I am trying to learn more about the German bankruptcy system.  How can you navigate the german court website to find bankruptcy information about companies?  Additionally, what filings legally must be posted during a german bankruptcy/liquidation?



There is a search function "suchen" on the website. You can find there public notices to find out insolvency proceedings, in particular:
the arrangement and cancellation of safeguards by the court,
the dismissal of a bankruptcy petition for lack of distributal assets,
the decision to open insolvency proceedings,
the decision on the revocation or suspension of the bankruptcy proceedings,
Decisions on the remuneration of the liquidator, the Trustee and the members of the Creditors' Committee,
Setting of public hearings,
Announcement of the discharge of residual debts,
granting or refusing of such discharge

In the future the administer`s list of claims shall be made public, too.

Furthermore, the Administrator has to file regular reports on the administration.

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