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Hi Andreas!

thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, I am pretty sure that this website helps a lot of people.

I was born a Filipina but got naturalized when my parents migrated to Germany. After highschool, I returned to the Philippines to study and after graduation, I started working here. As a natural-born Filipina, I am granted to stay a year. So I just fly out once a year to have that renewed.

a) if I plan to permanently reside here, do I have to file that in Germany? what are the repercussions?
b) is there a way to work here, without having to apply for an alien certificate, work permit etc.? I have read about re-acquisition of the Filipino Citizenship and it is possible to receive a dual-citizenship here. however, I worry that it might jeopardize my German citizenship in the process.

however, I've heard of other German-Filipinos that have successfully acquired a dual-citizenship.

Thank you!

a) You would need to ask an expert on Philippine law where you need to apply for Philippine residence. There are no repercussions on your German citizenship. German citizenship does not expire, regardless of how long you live abroad.

b) Again, most of these questions are for a Philippine lawyer. If you do apply for Philippine citizenship, you would lose German citizenship ( 25 I 1 StAG) unless you ask Germany for permission to maintain your German citizenship. You need to obtain this permission before you apply for the Philippine citizenship ( 25 II StAG). You would need to show that you have continuing ties to Germany despite your residence in the Philippines.

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