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QUESTION: I was born to an German mother and u.s father who were married , since I was born in u.s. I was only allowed u.s. Citizenship , but since my brother was born in Germany he was an German citizen "early 60s" when my brother was close to 18 years of age he had to denounce his German citizenship or be deported when he reached 18. My question is if I can claim German citizenship and hold dual citizenship it now? I know it latter in life for me but I would like to get it if possible! What would be the cost for doing it if possibly?
My mother became an u.s. Citizen when I was about 4 but held both and didn't give up German citizenship.

ANSWER: Hello Gary,

you are one of those unfortunate people who could not get dual citizenship because you were apparently born before 1975. Until that year, German citizenship could only be passed on by fathers.

Germany is now trying to rectify these situations by allowing you to apply for naturalization without living in Germany and without waiving your US citizenship. You will however be required to speak German.
For more details, see no. 8 of these FAQ:

The costs are not high, there is just a nominal fee at the Consulate and you'll probably be asked to take a language exam which will cost a bit.

Good luck!
Andreas Moser

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for an very quick response, and to the point answer! I should have included these question in the first  one ,  if I secure citizenship would my children who are over the age of 18 also be entitled to citizenship? My question on cost are more at hiring somebody to assist me in the process, I have trying to contact German embassy here in my area and they seem like they are trying to stop me from applying or aswering any question I have .

Hello Gary,

unfortunately the naturalization would only extend to your minor children. For adult children, it comes to late. Because you would obtain German citizenship by naturalization (instead of receiving it by descent), it would not apply retroactively, so that you still wouldn't have been German at the time of your children's birth.
Your children's only chance would be regular naturalization, for which they would however have to relinquish their US citizenship.

I personally charge 200 EUR for a full telephonic consultation where we talk about all the requirements to see whether you fulfill them or how you could improve your chances of a successful application.
If you would ask me to also prepare the written application, I would charge another 200 EUR for that.
I checked the Consulate's fees and they are 255 EUR for a successful application, 191 EUR for a negative one.

The main hurdle is usually the language requirement, as you would be expected to speak German at a high level.

Andreas Moser

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