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Andreas, how are you, nice to meet you. I have a big question regarding whether my mother can acquire or not the German Nationality. I really need help.

Her mother is German, her father in not German.
She was born in 1954…
She doesn’t lives in Germany.
She studied 3 years in Germany during her adolescence
She speaks German.
She has sufficient financial funds to support herself.

Other facts
Here in her country my mother studied at a German school.
My grandmother taught German for 40 years in a major university in my country
My grandmother’s parents were founders of the only German school in the capital of my country.

I know she was born before 1975 of a German mother, but couldn’t she acquire the German nationality considering all this, if yes what requirements she needs?

Sorry that I already wrote you from //, But I need help regarding this.

Hello Helena,

yes, your mother can apply for naturalization under a simplified procedure, meaning that she doesn't need to live in Germany and that she won't be required to give up her primary citizenship.

For details, please see no. 8 of my FAQ:

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