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QUESTION: Hello, i am very glad that i found you !!!!! My story begins 10 years ago when i was with some of my friends outside on my street. We had discussions and a great time, but some neighbors appears, they were girls, and two of my friends start to argue with them. Then, they (my friends) go in home, and i remain with some girls outside. That girls come back with one boy. He ask me what i do, how i am, and suddenly he hit me with his leg in my arch. It was a hard hit, and then i feel an incredible fear, then running in my home, in my room, staying alone. Next morning, or after 2 days, i don't remember exactly, vitiligo appears on my skin.
Many years i tried to fix the effect, but not the cause. This years i read about Dr Hamer and New German Medicine, and i think i found the answer, the solution to get healed, but i need HELP. I am from Romania. I hope you will answer me. Thank you !

ANSWER: Dear Adrian,
I am sorry I took so long to answer. You are correct in connecting the emotional trauma with the symptom that has appeared. In addition to the initial problem that caused the vitiligo, you probably also felt bad about having it on your skin, so that caused an additional feeling of wanting it "off your skin" which actually can keep it in place.

Of course, psychology alone cannot resolve old problems like that. Now that you understand the cause, the problem should resolve on its own, especially if you begin not paying too much attention to it and accept it for now and stop feeling "disfigured" by the spots on your skin. Where has it spread to now?

Here is a dietary supplement (Phenylalanine) you can take, read the instructions:
I would also recomment vitamin B-complex with folic acid, preferably in liquid form, to take one tsp. a day in the morning with food.

There are also many homeopathic remedies to use, but they are too many for you to try one by one. A homeopath has to take your case in more detail and pick the correct remedy for you. Even then, you will probably need several remedies over a period of time because you have had this for 10 years already.

I hope this helps!

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QUESTION: Did u heard about New german medicine ?
Now i have on my hands, on my back, and more spreads over my body

ANSWER: Yes, I practice German New Medicine and I was writing about vitiligo from that perspective as well. To completely heal you must find the cause and also remember to change the way you view the whole situation because the more you are bothered by the spots coming out, the more they spread.

Vitiligo is a "contact" conflict - in your case, probably one of "I don't want this on my skin!"
You were kicked: "I don't want this attack on my skin / I don't want this touching me (the kick)"
Vitiligo appears due to the initial conflict caused by the attack and now the spots appear and bother you,so you develops a new, secondary conflict of "I don't want (these spots) on my skin".

To turn the whole things around you need to release the emotions you have connected to your vitiligo, completely. At the same time, you need to take measures to heal your skin with supplements, ointments etc. and homeopathy.

Once the mental conflict is resolved and you are no longer bothered AT ALL by the vitiligo, the remedies and healing therapies will then complete the restoration of the skin and the spots will disappear.


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QUESTION: I don't know if i passed the conflict away, i dont sure it's over. I think is not because everytime i got powerful stress and angry, vitiligo spots appeared. Its possible, i think, in the time between the moment i got agressed and the moment vitiligo appears, maybe i think "i am alone, or no one can help me" can this be the cause to my disease? because i seen that vitiligo is associated with brutal conflict separation. I feel i am so close but still miss this ...

It is quite possible that you need more help with this. German New Medicine spends a lot of time analysing and finding the source of your present conflict and emotional reaction. Then a solution must be found - a way for you to change the way you feel - by changing the way you think about what happened and about what it means. If you can become indifferent to your situation, you will no longer have any reactions and you can heal.


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I can tell you if your symptoms a sign of disease process of if healing has already begun. Most symptoms appear as a consequence of a traumatic life event. Discovering the conflict that is causing your symptom, can help you resolve it faster and get well again. The majority of symptoms are actually part of a healing process and all you need is help to speed up healing. I can describe the types of life events and emotional stress that lead to symptoms like yours. Your will then know in advance what to expect during the healing process. This ends the fear and confusion we feel when we don't know what is the matter with our body. I do not perform medical diagnosis and I don't prescribe medication or herbs.


I came to German New Medicine many years ago when it first appeared on the map here in Canada. Taking the courses made me realize how empowering it is to everybody who has had to deal with serious disease. Everyone needs to know about it. BEFORE you get sick! German New Medicine is now part of my main holistic practice and to this day it is one of the foundation therapies I use with all my clients. It helps clients understand their symptoms and let go of the fear. It helps you decide what action to take to get better. The GNM explanation of cancer is one of the most grounded in reality I have come across in my 20+ years of exploration. This is essential learning for everyone if you want to be prepared about what cancer means and how it appears in the body and why. And it is important to know this in advance. Once tragedy hits, it is too late to begin wrapping our mind about anything. But armed with good GNM knowledge helps us prevent the trauma, fear of death and useless toxic treatments that cause more damage than help.

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