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I have been experiencing trouble swallowing, and lump in throat pain, my doctor said its acid reflux, but I havent noticed any of the symptoms. I think that German New Medicine can help me with the cure to this problem. Can you tell me if it is acid reflux, or laryphangual reflux? It might be anxiety, but Im not sure. I can eat during the morning pretty easy, but at evening it is almost impossible to swallow.

Dear Boyan,

A lump in the throat can happen when you hold too much tension in the muscles of the throat and neck, and not just due to reflux.

The German New Medicine view on the problem is as follows: when a person is suddenly confronted with an "indigestible issue" or something that is crammed down the throat (that you don't want), the body will tighten up automatically to prevent this from happening and will try to get rid of whatever is stuck in there.

The problem is that most often it is not a piece of food that causes a persistent problem, but a mental stress. We feel as if we "can't swallow" some insult or difficulty or we feel we have to hold back our words, words that otherwise we desperately want to say or shout.

On occasion the problem can be different - the conflict arises at a moment when something we really wanted and we thought we already had is taken away from us unexpectedly. In that case it is as if we started to swallow something (making it ours) but someone or some event, pulled it out of our throat. So the feeling is of something taken away just when we thought it was ours. It can be a possession or a job or trip or anything in life.

A clue of what type of stress may be leading to a physical reflux or lump in the throat, can be found in the weeks or months before the first symptom appeared. What was going on in your life then? What event was sudden and unexpected and caused you lasting anxiety?

If this is a real reflux due to a loose sphyncter (which is why reflux happens), then it points to a chronic situation. A repetitive trauma from things being pushed down your throat, in a manner of speaking, or of things taken from you suddenly just when you thought you had them... Sometimes it happens to people who by nature "don't see it coming".

Children often have the throat problems and tonsil problems for the same reason - they lack control and are pushed around by adults, so often times they just suffer from the sudden conflicts.

I can't say what kind of reflux you have because we are just talking here and I don't have any feedback from a medical diagnosis (nobody  looked to see). So I am telling you the themes of lump in the throat that are typical no matter what the actual diagnosis may be.

In homeopathy, a lump in the throat is also related to feelings of grief and loss and there is a remedy, Ignatia, that is commonly used for such situations when a lump or constriction in the throat appears after a sad event in your life.

For details on this issue, you can search the GNM site:
For a remedy for your problem, I'd need more details. I can also select and mail you one to try if this is serious and you need some practical help. My fee for that is $40.00 and my clients are from around the globe.

I hope this helps,

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