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Dear Doctor,
I am a 59 year old women from Australia. I have suffered from PTSD,Panic disorder ,Phobias and agoraphobia since I was 21,I agree with your statement that illnesses start with an emotional event, In 1985 I gave birth to twins 10 months after having a baby boy, they were 2 1/2 months premature but very healthy, I on the other hand had to have blood transfusion then ended up with graves decease,(overactive thyroid) eventually with the help of meds I overcome graves decease but had low b12 and iron and ferritin problems, I just got my blood test results b12 went up from 156 to 208,borderline is 150 to 250,my ferritin went up from 19 to 28 ,normal is between 30 upwards ,my vitamin D went up from 48 to 55 normal is over 50,My iron went down from 9 to 6 normal is  5 to 30,now I have phobias of injections ,not blood tests so I cannot  have b12 injections but I have been eating lamb liver, this has helped my b12 but not my iron, I do not understand this .I am not bleeding as I have gone through menopause at the age of 39,i am not losing weight .I am wondering if all the stressing out with my health phobias could be causing my problems, I also suffer from Asthma yet my spirometer shows readings of  fvc 122%fev1 104%its more congestion, I did find my father dead in his bed on his 65th birthday when I was 17 year old, i am terrified of death. Thank you so much for allowing me to express myself
Can you help me?

Dear Helen,

Your situation is complex, with many traumatic events throughout your life and lots of stress on your body, physically, as well. It is not surprising that your body is showing signs of deficiencies and your mind is stressing on so many phobias and anxiety.

There is no simple or quick solution in this case because it is loaded with background issues that also need resolution before you can fully relax. But some of your issues could be helped with homeopathic remedies. For example, low iron can be helped with the remedy FERRUM PHOS. in a 6C or slightly higher potency. New Era and Hylands sell the Ferrum phos. tissue salt that one can use dail to help the body function better on low iron.

Sequential Therapy can also help in quicky reversing the post-traumatic stress caused by events in your life that overwhelmed your mind or body or both. This is a method of working on past trauma with the use of homeopathic remedies. They are particularly effective in this type of work. To read more:

Supplements, food and medication can re-balance some physiological problems for a while, but the imbalance is there due to your body not working properly and not the other way around. In fact, when we are under pressure and in crisis, our body changes the way it works and takes adaptive and reactive measures to help you out in a crisis. Long-term changes like that can cause physical problems because these useful and natural protective mechanisms in our body were not meant for long-term functioning.

We humans can spend a long time in stress or PTSD states until our system starts to fall into complete chaos. To restore it from that situation, one needs careful work and evaluation of what to fix when in order to make the treatment work well and at a good pace. Unfortunately, medication can fix one thing and destroy another. Supplements are better, but they can't remove the effects of trauma or our own anxious thoughts.

I hope this helps. You can achieve a lot with a good therapist and some homeopathy or heilkunst work.
I know of one practitioner out of New Zealand who is particularly good and I may know someone in Australia if you are interested in a referral. There is not much to be done on this forum for complex cases like yours, alas.


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I can tell you if your symptoms a sign of disease process of if healing has already begun. Most symptoms appear as a consequence of a traumatic life event. Discovering the conflict that is causing your symptom, can help you resolve it faster and get well again. The majority of symptoms are actually part of a healing process and all you need is help to speed up healing. I can describe the types of life events and emotional stress that lead to symptoms like yours. Your will then know in advance what to expect during the healing process. This ends the fear and confusion we feel when we don't know what is the matter with our body. I do not perform medical diagnosis and I don't prescribe medication or herbs.


I came to German New Medicine many years ago when it first appeared on the map here in Canada. Taking the courses made me realize how empowering it is to everybody who has had to deal with serious disease. Everyone needs to know about it. BEFORE you get sick! German New Medicine is now part of my main holistic practice and to this day it is one of the foundation therapies I use with all my clients. It helps clients understand their symptoms and let go of the fear. It helps you decide what action to take to get better. The GNM explanation of cancer is one of the most grounded in reality I have come across in my 20+ years of exploration. This is essential learning for everyone if you want to be prepared about what cancer means and how it appears in the body and why. And it is important to know this in advance. Once tragedy hits, it is too late to begin wrapping our mind about anything. But armed with good GNM knowledge helps us prevent the trauma, fear of death and useless toxic treatments that cause more damage than help.

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