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dear ati,
i was intrigued to learn about the gnm - kindly help me to understand if my symptoms are sign of disease process or if healing has begun.

about a month ago i started to develop a rash on my calves and on my buttocks which spread to my mid back. it was inflamated, terribly itchy& occassionaly burning and it seemed to have the symptoms of yeast infection.

i went to see a naturopath who didn't think it was yeast causing the rash but my body trying to get rid of things.

fortunately, my skin is almost healed by now, although i still get some itchy spells and also noticed mild vaginal infection(I've been on a strict diet and wondering if those might be the candida die-off symptoms).

i am 37, i have had athlete's foot on and off for a while. after my son was born 4 y. ago i was diagnosed with a gallbladder stone (haven't had attack for a while)&  also had my first 2 mild vaginal yeast infections.

i have dealt with some stress and grief in my relationship, major ones about a year ago which were resolved. those bad memories keep coming back to me at times - how can i let go?? and frankly, i expected/wished my husband to treat me nicely at all times since i have forgiven him, so i feel like a victim when we have arguments. needles to say we still have ups and downs.
also,my mom living back in europe has some mental issues and has been trying to persuade us to move back there (she is very attached to our son). occasionally she tells me she had a  dream and something bad is gonna happen to our son which is very unnerving. i pray for her but every time i see new email from her i get very stressed.
couple of days ago our son got the flu and since then started to ask when are we gonna go to grandma again ( once when he woke up at night). he likes her a lot but has never really asked to go to see her. coincidence?? i don't even want to think my mom is using telepathy or something...

i am trying to understand why this issues/opportunities are in my life...

thank you so much for your time!"

Dear Esther,
For more details on GNM, please visit the website where you will find the full presentation of how to understand different symptoms and conditions in the body.

1. A rash is a sign of resolution and it appears once a previous conflict is already solved, the mind is relaxed about it and the body starts restoring tissue damage - in this case the skin. If the rash is in the front of the calves, then this is probably an anger conflict ("I want to kick this"); if it is in the back - it may be a separation conflict, especially since it spread to your buttocks later.

it is possible there are repetitive conflicts here, perhaps something happened once, then again the same thing happened or similar. In some occasions there can be two different conflicts of the same nature: an anger or separation conflict involving the calves and a second conflict involving the buttocks (for example, being "spanked or kicked").

Regarding the initial conflict, it would have occurred certainly some time before the rash appeared. A rash or eczema is a result of the restoration of the skin with new cells - this process involves a rush of blood to the area, inflammation, swelling and as a result - itching or burning.

2. If the initial conflict keeps happening on and off, repeatedly, the rash will never quite go away and will become chronic, and as the conflict deepens over time, the rash creeps up the body. Complete resolution will usually involve a reverse process: the rash higher up on the body will resolve first, then the rest, the calves being last.

3. Vaginal infections relate to a sexual conflict (wanting or rejecting sex) or in some instances, a baby conflict (wanting or interrupting a pregnancy). Sometimes a vaginal infection can also appear after an attack/disgust conflict, as when a bad remark or insinuation is made about you, sexual in nature. The yeast appears in order to destroy any extra cells (a thickening of the vaginal wall or other tissues in the area) once the conflict is resolved. The thickening of the skin happens after an attack conflict or if the body feels it has to strengthen that area to protect it better, or in some cases - to make it even more available or useful for intimacy (as when we are separated from a partner and we yearn for intimacy).

4. Athlete's foot is also an attack/disgust conflict - "I stepped on something filthy" and it can be related to a situation where we felt we stepped into or got into some unpleasant circumstances. Or we may not like where we 'stand" in a conflict or situation. Some people say, "YOu have put me in a difficult position" or something of the kind. If you are sensitive to your image, to your environment, to how people see you or treat you, you will be prone to candida and skin problems, in general. Since most people are sensitive to it all, we all get skin problems or fungal infections at one time or another.

5. Gall bladder stones are the after-effect of territorial anger conflicts. The territory can be your home, work, our personal space, even a pregnancy can make us feel invaded. Urinary tract infections are a similar conflict. Gallbladder stones are the results of repetitive backing up of bile into the gallbladder and pooling there until it congeals into "stones". The bile backs up due to inflammation of the ducts, making them narrow and temporarily slowing down the flow of bile through. And the swelling happens in the aftermath of a territorial anger conflict, which is actually a conflict of the bile ducts of the liver and originates in the liver, not the gallbladder actually.
During a territorial anger conflict, the liver bile ducts thin out in order to widen and allow more bile through - to give you extra energy to fight back and regain your territory. Once the conflict is resolved, the bile ducts are restored to normal thickness through the production of new cells. THIS is what causes some swelling and inflammation inside the ducts. Usually you don't really feel anything. In extreme cases, you may be diagnosed with "hepatitis" at this point.
Repetitive conflicts will eventually cause the build-up of congealed bile in the gallbladder, diagnosed as stones.

6. Reading your emotional issues and learning about what you experienced in your relationship and home life, you can see how these ongoing issues may have caused you some physical problems down the road.

There are ways to resolve old conflicts and come to term with your emotions. Homeopathic remedies can help with current symptoms more efficiently than most other therapies. Sequential Therapy can help come to terms with past trauma that our mind tends to revisit often (and cause a resurgence of physical symptoms in the body).
Learning to stay neutral and at peace with life's ups and downs is very important and we can all learn to be that way, but it takes time to let go of some old habits and assumptions we hold about life and how things "should be". Once a person realizes that life can present in so many different ways and they can all be OK, the source of constant anxiety and disappointment disappears and we learn how to manage our feelings and thoughts in a way so they don't end up hurting us.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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I can tell you if your symptoms a sign of disease process of if healing has already begun. Most symptoms appear as a consequence of a traumatic life event. Discovering the conflict that is causing your symptom, can help you resolve it faster and get well again. The majority of symptoms are actually part of a healing process and all you need is help to speed up healing. I can describe the types of life events and emotional stress that lead to symptoms like yours. Your will then know in advance what to expect during the healing process. This ends the fear and confusion we feel when we don't know what is the matter with our body. I do not perform medical diagnosis and I don't prescribe medication or herbs.


I came to German New Medicine many years ago when it first appeared on the map here in Canada. Taking the courses made me realize how empowering it is to everybody who has had to deal with serious disease. Everyone needs to know about it. BEFORE you get sick! German New Medicine is now part of my main holistic practice and to this day it is one of the foundation therapies I use with all my clients. It helps clients understand their symptoms and let go of the fear. It helps you decide what action to take to get better. The GNM explanation of cancer is one of the most grounded in reality I have come across in my 20+ years of exploration. This is essential learning for everyone if you want to be prepared about what cancer means and how it appears in the body and why. And it is important to know this in advance. Once tragedy hits, it is too late to begin wrapping our mind about anything. But armed with good GNM knowledge helps us prevent the trauma, fear of death and useless toxic treatments that cause more damage than help.

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