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I really overdid it this summer drinking beer, and although my weight didn't go up, on one occasion after too many, I actually saw and felt my stomach blow up and remain that way.
All attempts at dieting and exercise have failed.
Could this be an intestinal yeast infection?
I took a few tablespoons coconut oil this morning, and tonight I am blowing out gas and diarrhea to beat the band. At first I was nauseous, but that has gone. I feel better and less bloated, and my stomach looks less distended. Did I have an intestinal yeast overgrowth, if it is possible to have one, and did the coconut oil expel it? What do you think?

Hello, Bud!

I apologize for the delayed reply.

Gas and bloating are a sign of indigestion. The mechanics can be triggered by different things - candida. poor digestion (due to insufficient digestive enzymes or stomach acid) and other material issues.

In German New Medicine indigestion indicates "indigestible conflicts" in life - sometime before this bloating began, you may have been hit by some unexpected and unpleasant or difficult life situation or conflict. You may still be struggling with the after-shocks or with the original conflict so that your body can't really restore proper functions.

When something happens to us and we feel that "we can't stomach this" (and similar reaction to a problem) - e.g. we feel overwhelmed or angry or otherwise unable to accept the situation, our mind starts dwelling on the problem seeking a solution and keeping us always a little bit tense, a little disgruntled. As a result we could either stop eating or over-indulge in comfort foods and drink to balance the stress we feel. Such a situation causes our brain to start sending signals to the stomach to work better on digest what is experienced as a piece of indigestible food! Even though it is a thought or problem, our body is geared to view it as a material problem and so the stomach is activated by the brain to produce more digestive acid.

It may seem like the right solution - to break down that nasty food and better absorb it, but what happens is that the extra acidity causes food to ferment too fast in the stomach and so it emits gasses, sits there indigested and causes bloating and acid reflux. Over time the stomach stays distended.

And since nothing in the body happens in isolation, it is usually the case, that other organs and systems can also be out of order - the liver or pancreas or some other organ may be also over active or under functioning, causing food to not be processed properly.

Candida overgrowth is the result of this, and soon enough it adds to the bloating just because it is there.

Solving the life problem is important - making sure you are no longer riled by something that happened a while back.
You can also take some homeopathic remedies to help with gas and bloating: Lycopodium, Chelidonium, Carbo veg., Nux v. are all good remedies (there are many others) and a good homeopath can pick an even more specific one for your case in particular. (30C or 200C is a good remedy strength if you decide to try one or a few of the ones I listed).

Supplements and changing your diet can also help. Fermented foods in particular are exceptionally good for digestion and to fight candida. They also contain large amounts of probiotics and those really help restore the colon. Some fermented foods are: sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt (unsweetened and not with sucralose or aspartame either!), kambucha tea and much more - google for more ideas.

Coconut oil is great for so many things that if it helped you, keep it up. There are many good solutions to gas and bloating, all over the internet as well.

Here is one example of a case of indigestion from the German New Medicine perspective:

I hope this helps!

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