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Dear Ati,

I have a question about an itchy rad rash (looks like eczema) on the right side of my chin.
I developed this rash about two weeks ago.
I am a 39 years old woman, without husband and children.
I had a really very stressful period in the last 6 months. Last summer I closed a long term relationship what was a really hard decision (we tried to separate many times before, but always started our relationship again.) I know that this is a right decision and I made it, but after being together for 9 years it was not easy to go on without the man whom I loved before.

However, at the end of last year I met a kind man and started a relationship with him. He was extremely kind and loveful, so I could hardly beleive that I had such a good luck to have a partner like him. After 3 months his behaviour changed rapidly, ha started not to call me, just every third day and did not say any kind things like before. His love was over suddenly. The change in his behaviour was very sudden and radical. After trying to ask him about the change, it turned out that he was not in love with me any more, he changed his mind. But he wanted to go on (not to quit our dates) and see if it will change in the future and he could love me again. I did not want to go on and closed the relationship with him. I could not beleive that someone can change his mind so suddenly. I was not happy with this experience.

After this "episod" I was desperate and tried to get some releif from someone else. I got into contact with an ex-boyfriend of mine. We had a short relationship about 12 years ago, I did not take it seriously, but I think he did. He loved me that time. For me it was some joy instead.
So, this spring I started to chat with him, as I thought that he lived alone. He was happy to chat with me and also asked if we could see each other. We met each other and it was really exciting for me. He was handsome, kind and interesting for me.
He told me he lived with a woman, but their relationship is not working, he wants to seperate but he feels sorry to kick off her, so he still lives with her.
After our meeting, ha started to write to me every day, saying that I am extremly attractive to him and maybe we should give a try to the two of us...afterwards it became clear for me that he was just wondering and he will not close his relationship with her girlfriend and he was just entertaining himself with the daily chats with me.
He usually cancelled our further meetimgs but wrote kind texts to me every day.
It was really hard but later (after 2 and a half months) I told him that this kind of communication between us makes no sense and that we should finish it as he has a woman living on his side and I don't think that he will finish their relationship. He agreed...!! He did not say it himself, but when I told him, he agreed to finish our "new episode"...
I have to tell that I was hesitating during all time of our communicatins if I want to have some pleasant hours with him or not (he begun to ask me if I would...).
But after 2 and a half months I was fed up with this situation and told him not to communicate.
At this point, after this decision I developed the rash on my chin, on the right side (I am right-handed).
It may be important that he tried to kiss me on on of our dates but I did not let him (because he had a girlfriend!!). But after getting home I wass thinking that it would have been so good if he kissed me. And I also told it to him that next time he should kiss me...but every time I was thinking about a new meeting, I felt that I am afraid of getting to close with him...afraid of his kisses, hugs, etc.
I wanted it and not wanted at the same time...but at one point I decided to finish this strange episode with him. And he agreed...after telling him my decision I felt that I became calm. I felt that it was a good decision that prevents me from any emotional pain and from troubles with a man who has a girlfriend.
So after this decision I developed the rash...
At this time I still have the rash and I feel very frustrated about it. I feel ugly...and don't know how I could find someone who would love me with such an awful rash.
Another thing to note: in the spring I had a huge pimple on the place where I am having the rash now. When popping the pimple, I burned off the skin a little bit with some antiseptic ointment so the skin was still thin and a little bit discoloured there before I developed the rash...

I would really appreciate if you shared your thougts with me.
I am sorry about any mistakes with the English text written by me, it is not my mother language.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello Liza!

A rash on the skin is a sign of healing - a symptoms that appears after a conflict is resolved.
Here is the full text for skin problems:

The right side of the face is your partner side, so conflicts with your partners are a logical source of the conflict you have been having. Why on the chin and not on the cheek, for example? These details are hard to interpret sometimes, but the general theme is about separation or feeling a slap on the face, it has to do with self-image and also with the need to be touched,kissed.

If the rash involves deep pimples, then it could be a reaction to an "attack" conflict - feeling as if someone attacked you, your sense of self, etc. In that case there are deep pimples that hurt and are under the skin.

I want to send you also a text about the importance of certain ages in our life. Age 37 starts a new cycle in life, things change, we start moving in a new direction. If we are flexible and allow the changes to happen eventually we discover our new direction and naturally move forward. But if we do not notice the changes or insist on having back what is now old, it can get pretty tense and change feels like pressure and is quite unpleasant. It seems to me that in addition to the emotional problems, change has started 2 years ago and now you are starting to question the direction in which you are headed. It is an interesting situation but one that will become clear as life continues - is it about finding new friends, new society, new country or vocation or work? Who knows. Perhaps what you did - getting rid of relationships that don't work and letting go the men that do not really love or value you is a start. Now patience is needed to really meet the man who is for you - sometimes it can take a while.

Maybe think about what it is that makes you feel desperate. Rashes are also about anger, so there is also impatience and frustration involved, but they only mask deeper feelings. Life can be sometimes like a movie - you watch events happening on the outside as an illustration of what is happening inside you.

Here is another interpretation of "chin" problems"
CHIN PROBLEMS  They have feelings of inferiority and inability to take on the world on its own terms. There is a pronounced tendency to expression-suppression due to fear of the bad consequences that might happen. They won't stick their chin out.

RIGHT CHIN PROBLEM: They were heavily suppressed and not allowed to express their personal power, and they don't know how to handle it now.

TIP OF THE CHIN PROBLEM: They are engaging in suppression of critical thoughts, observations and feelings out of fear of punishment.

UNDERESIDE OF THE CHIN PROBLEM: They have conflicts about the expression of their abilities, for fear of the general
impacts and reactions that might come from others.
They tend to "keep their candle under a basket" and to be fearful of "coming out".
But current circumstances are moving them towards "letting fly with it", and they are agitated and concerned.

From the above I see also a call for change and perhaps some insecurity about being completely yourself or really developing some new side of your personality.

The pimples are a sign of healing. If they are not healing it shows that you keep going back to the stress part and causing new cycles of stress and healing to happen, ending up with pimples again. Resolving the conflict will heal the pimples.

A second problem are the pimples themselves because feeling "ugly and disfigured" causes now a new conflict related to the skin, a desire to "get these pimples off my skin!" - this conflict, once resolved (when creams work perhaps) will lead to more pimples to come out, as the skin heals. So calming down about your appearance and not looking so pessimistically into the future (nobody will like me) will help resolve them faster. Just think of them as a necessary evil from when you were so upset about men problems. And treat them practically and BE PATIENT. Any repetition of the disgust or dismay at the pimples (for example, each time you look in a mirror) will cause a little extra cycle to run and the appearance eventually of new pimples.

So the situation is resolved, pimples are a healing process, but thoughts about how ugly they are is causing them to stay in place and slowing down healing.
A possible complication are repetitive reliving of the separation trauma - thinking constantly of the man who left or did not end up being with you etc etc - this can also cause repetitive skin conflicts.

Homeopathy can help heal the skin faster - there are many remedies for pimples to choose from. It can also help release the trauma and reduce stress and repetitive thinking. So consider that form of medicine.

Herbal creams and tonics also heal the skin nicely, so use those too.

They will all work provided the underlying conflict is resolved.
I hope this helps, Liza!
And good luck in the years ahead.
If you have more questions, send me a note.
And if you want me to send you the article about the age of 37 and the cycles involved, email me directly as it is a long document and I can paste it here:


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