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German Shepherds/My GSD is perfect ... except for !


Jodajasa wrote at 2013-10-02 21:25:46
I, too, have a couple GSDs from the Lancaster area. I've since learned that the area has a lot of puppy mills. My GSDs are loved but the female is hyper to a fault and the male has the inward tilting ears. We weren't looking for show quality dogs but beware of Eastern PA pups if you are.  

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Cindi Bass


I've had experience training and raising GSD's since 1975. I can answer breed specific questions regarding temperament, bloodlines, breeding , etc. I can also answer training and medical questions. I own a male East German DDR German Shepherd working on basic SCH training now, and am opening a new training school this spring.


Vet tech for many years, father is a breeder, retired AKC judge and has finished many champions. Grandfather was a vet. I have extensive experience in animal behavior, training, and nutrition as well.


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