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erika wrote at 2014-02-19 03:47:49
hi i know this is really old but do you have any females up for breeding plz contact me at i have a pure breed german shephed

German Shepherds

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I can help with behavior problems, eating, potty training. Breeding and purchasing a dog properly.


In my lifetime I have had so many breeds of dogs, many people gave me their dogs either cause it barked, was mean or just did not want it. I bond quickly to dogs and animals for I love them so much. I had horses for some thirty 5 years, birds I have tamed and trained, I just love working with animals. At near 66 years old, I have many years of experience with many animals, have had turtles, snakes, cats, horses, lamb named Sally, ducks, peeps for Easter, dogs many breeds. I took in anything anybody wanted to give me. I have also bought and bred many good breeds, some were Airdales, Boston Terriers, Boxers, German Shepherds I always fall back on for the intelligence, loyalty, etc.

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