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German Shepherds/Dog licking fur off tail (near butt).


emily goodall wrote at 2008-02-06 15:21:11
Hi, I've just taken my german shepard to the vets a couple of days ago with the same problems. He is licking under his tail all the time and he seemed generally down with him self. The vet had told me that he has a condition caleed anal furumclosis. It is an infection within the anus of the dog. Don't get this confused with the anal glands as that is a completley different thing. It can be treated but it will be something that he will have for life. He has been prescribed noroclav and atopica, however the noroclav wasn't working so he is now on some stronger anti biotics to treat the infection and then they are going to give him something to control the problem

Carol Duffert wrote at 2015-09-09 20:59:03

I have a 8 year old female German Shepherd, she was licking on the tail close to the butt area as well.  Believe me, I took her to the Vet, it wasn't the anal gland.  Sometimes they get bored and they show it by licking and causing a bald spot.  Also, please, please do not feed your GSD Purina One dog food, this is not a very great food.  Back in the day, yes it was a good food, but in today's world it is not.  I have my girl on Nutri Source, you can look it up on the web, it is made in the USA in MN at their own factory.   I am asking them, I might put her on the Organic Dog Food they have, it just depends, right now she is on Nutri Source Lamb, which is a great food, the food has Probotics and Prebotics so it is great on the desgistive system.   Anyway, my girl has always had skin problems, it could be the heat we are having now the Vet said, I got a shot for her and some spray to spray the area, it seems to work fine and she is resting comfortably now.   However, there are a few more dog foods I love, Wellness is one of them, I love the White Fish and Sweet Potato, however my German Shepherd lost her brother a German Shorthair on June 7, 2015 and she mourned for approximately 5 weeks, would not eat anything, especially the food they ate together which was Orjien, which another great food, the Six Fishes is the one I had her on when her brother died.   I went back to the Wellness, she was too smart and would not eat it either knowing her brother ate the same food, so now we are trying Nutri Source, hopefully she will be just fine on this food if not, maybe try and go back to Wellness or one of them and see if she eats it now.

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