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Bill wrote at 2010-03-13 03:47:47
I have to respectfully disagree with Dawn on training German Shepherds. There is no doubt that genetics plays a role with training a GSD since the dog has certain genetic predispositions; however, my major was in psychology, not genetics. This, of course, brings about the all too popular nature vs. nurture debate. A GSD is a true "pack dog." You must establish a pack structure with the dog, and that dog must recognize you as being the pack leader. This is actually easy to do; however, it will not happen overnight, and you must be consistent with the dog. I inherited a dangerous GSD over a year ago. She had not been socialized, which makes for a dangerous GSD. Within a few months, I was able to establish the pack structure and socialize her such that she is extremely affectionate to people and even other dogs that come into her home. However, she is also quite protective when she needs to be.

bea wrote at 2014-05-21 08:52:21
you cant train a dog with cruelness I have had several dogs I am no dog trainer but with love and patience any dog will respond to the owner' I believe in love and kindness punishment went out in the 1700 hundreds my dog knows when I don't feel well he will come and lay by me like he is saying I am here . I also trained my horse it was the same thing kindness and love goes a long way my horse even tried to follow me to work. thank you for the chance to give my comments good luck training your dog or horse.

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