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German Shepherds/My german shepherd is too skinny and has Diarrhea all the time


Kaye wrote at 2006-11-03 13:10:02
I can relate to your problem as I too have a GSD with digestion issues. Common for the breed. I have studied dog feeding for 20 years and I hope I can help. Feed him a high meat low grain feed. Timberwolf Organics  Venison and Lamb is working for my dog. Please do not feed Eukanuba, Nutro or Nat. Choice, Science Diet, Pro Plan, or any of those big name dog foods that you see on TV. They are all the same. VERY high grain, high in mycotoxins, storage mites, use least cost ingredients, and chemicals even though they don't list most of them on the bag. YUCK. Canidae, Natures Logic, these are some choices to get you headed in the right direction. Also, a probiotic supplement is a MUST especially after all the antibiotics. Feed small meals frquently with the probiotics and pumpkin pack that you can get from the grocery store ( make sure it is pure pumpkin pack no spices or sugar added) will help clear up the diarrhea and dogs love it. Hope this helps.

dog lover wrote at 2014-03-08 05:16:36
hi if food comes undigested then it must have epi mostly found in gsd.

its pancreas cannot produce digestive must add enzymes in its for epi in gsd and u know what it is.if not acted fast yr dog will be only bones and skin inspire of eating more than before.

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