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larry green wrote at 2015-02-23 14:42:25
I just read this and my Shepherd also started his aggressive behavior after he was fixed. I am very disappointed that my vet

did not say anything about this possibly happening. He had never growled before he was fixed and still a year later I am dealing with this problem. He has been to eight weeks of school and I correct him with a snap on the leash if he growls. The trainer says it just takes time. I would never have gotten him fixed if I new this could possibly happen!

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I'll answer ALL questions - anything related to the German Shepherd, Buying a Puppy, Puppy Care, Puppy Ears, Training, Health & Nutrition. I can help with behavior Issues, like fear, aggression, nipping, jumping, chewing and chew toys. etc. I grew up with German Shepherds and currently own, raise, breed and train German Shepherd dogs. Having my own Dog "Pack" I can help you better relate to and understand your dog, and help you become a good pack leader. I emphasize pet owner education and positive assertive training, as well as regular vet check ups to prevent common health ailments. German Shepherds should be fed Premium food or Special diet and Puppies to 15 Months should be on a "Premium" Large Breed Puppy Food. I believe, regular walks, manners & obedience classes are a must for all dogs and owners to help with communication, training, socialization & bonding. German Shepherds can be trained in as little as 5-15 minutes a day. I provide more assistance on my website GSDHELP and GSDINFO pages at BACK FROM HOLIDAYS AND READY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS


I Grew up with Shepherds. King and Ginger were my loyal companions for many years. They had such an impact on me that I have decided to dedicate my life to dogs as they dedicated their lives to me. The german shepherd on the left is my Longhair girl Liberty. By six months she was trained with positive assertive training techniques in Manners, Obedience and agility foundation (no jumping until 1 year old) and is continuing her training for agility, obedience & tracking trials. She is already trained as a therapy dog and will undergo her tests later this year. She is a great (step) mother to my other pups and she is an all around Great Dog with plenty of patience, self control an excellent temperament!! I am blessed with very wonderful, healthy, happy and well behaved, well balanced, well adjusted and very social german shepherd dogs (4 of them right now) and pups. I train all my shepherds and offer my time to help others train their dogs and resolve behavior issues. Being a Pack leader, setting clear boundaries, positive reinforcement, assertive training and exercising dogs and lots of love is extremely important for their health & well being. We walk a minimum of 1.5 hours daily, mimicking their daily migration for food in the wild, or they run or walk with my bike so I can go as fast as them. In addition, we spend plenty of quality time together, retrieving articles, running in open fields, training and just plain relaxing. They are a hit where ever we go. People are always so impressed with their excellent temperaments and great behavior they usually stop what they are doing just to meet them! Even while on the Job they take time out for my dogs! They go where I go, to the lake where they love running on the beach and playing in the water, camping, trail walking. You name it.

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I have researched human nature for the last 17 years, Dogs are different in that they live in the present they don't feel guilt about the past or worry about the future like people do. I have found that there is a similarity in causes of inappropriate behaviors in people and in dogs. I also have life long experience with well adjusted German Shepherds. I own, breed and train german shepherds. I place high priority on training in manners & obedience and believe it is a must of all dogs. I also specialize my dogs and train them in obedience & working trials, agility, rally, schutzund, tracking and conformation for the show ring. In addition I have done years of research and study for my own dogs that I wish to share with others. I am in the process of building my website in order to do just that.

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