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Don Lang wrote at 2009-08-15 23:59:12
I personally met Richard Lang and bought many of his carvings right from his corner woodcarving shop in Oberammergau, Germany.  I was especially excited about it as my last name is Lang as well and so it seemed to be a most special connection.  Richard Lang was chosen by the Deutsche Division of Tourism to represent Germany as a wood carver at the world's fair.  I can't remember what year that took place but I am sure that it was sometime after 1973. It was my also my understanding that Richard Lang directed the Woodcarving school in Oberammergau during the 1950's, 1960's and early 70's.  That school is now directed by someone different than the Lang family; possibly a former student.

Ruth Brown wrote at 2013-11-07 22:27:26
I personally met Mr Richard Lang on his first trip to the U.S. I was 19 or close to 20 and working at a old family jewelry shop on Carondelet St.

My boss had been out on Canal Street and told me there was a wood sculpter in Maison Blanche carving a wooden Madonna and I should go see him.

I did,he noticed me and spoke very  broken english I spoke no German but we managed to communicate enough to set his coming to my families home that night. I was Very excited but had no idea how we would communicate.

That visit was the start,every day I would try to go watch him carve but when he spotted me he would stop and come to visit with me.

He invited me to s small dinner party at a MB executives home .

He was upset when my mother objected to my spending time with him he jokenly said he was going to carve Momma over the Madonna.

When he left New Orleans to finish the tour he sent me post cards and pictures of him at MB and with Mayor Schro of New Orleans and him with MB executives.

We corresponded useing his translater and he sent me a beautiful carved last supper that was carved by him.


He returned a couple of years later and brought a german glass blower to my home for a meal

Later after I got married and  had a son he thanked me for calling him Richard. I did not make this connection on chooseing my son a name

I enjoyed my friendship with Richard Lang but unfourtunately hurricane Katrina destroyed my scrap book but my son has the last supper an several smaller peices.


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