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Germany/Holiday to Germany in April


Neuschwanstein expert wrote at 2014-09-24 01:14:47
the period of April is one of my fav time to visit germany specially the best part Bavaria, the weather start to be warmer and nice,

during April start the high season, for example in hohenschwangau were the castle Neuschwanstein is located

so if you plan to visit germany don't skip neuschwanstein

just check the pictures here and you will see why

the best castle ever  


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I've lived in, travelled around and written a lot about the German state of Bavaria over the past three years. I'd be happy to answer any questions about Bavaria, and in particular those to with Munich, travel to the region, history and local cuisine.


Three years living in Bavaria and studying German, as well as travelling around and reading a lot about the country.

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