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Dear Sir,
I am an Indian married to a German lady since 2009 in India.We are together since 2004.I was working in India all these years and my wife stays with me 5-6 months a year. Indian government has also accepted the marriage and issued my German wife a PIO card and so she comes and goes from India without any visa. I also have been to Germany about 10 times. Now i have applied for family reunion visa from German government in August 2012. I have fulfilled all their requirements like passing German language exam. But my wife is unemployed currently.Will this effect my visa chances? German Embassy has finished their work at India end and as per them have send the papers to Germany. How much more do i have to wait to hear from them? Thanks Raj

Indo-German Friendship
Indo-German Friendship  
Hi Raj,

I am not an expert in diplomatic matters so can only share my thoughts and experience with you. Every immigration case is treated separately and there are hundreds of factors that could influence a decision.

If you can arrange a job contract in Germany BEFORE you apply for the visa you have the most chance of a visa being approved. The authorities are very suspicious of immigrants wanting to claim social security as soon as they arrive and they will ask for proof of income or cash reserves. It would be wise for your wife to get some kind of a job (any) too during the move. Each Bundesland (province) and each country in the EU has similar rules but I heard Bayern is extremely strict and Hungary is very lenient! I expect the time of approval to vary a lot, between 3 and 6 weeks. German language is only important when applying for permanent residence and mere contact time is not a factor either.

Like with most countries, a job or wealth is in end effect the primary hurdle. If that is proved then the light is green. This may not be very good news but is honest and is what I have personally heard in discussions.

Every bit of information you need should be laid out in the notes attached to the visa application form or online at



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