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What are the main differences between German and English houses? Can you give me some unusual differences and some facts?
Thank you!

Hello Lucie,

thank you for your question.
This is quite difficult as I myself don't know that much about English houses, so I wouldn't really know what would be a major difference.
But I did a little research on the web, and I hope that the things I found will be helpful to you.

I found that in England the heating might be powered by electrical energy. This will be very rare in Germany. Most people power the heating with gas, or maybe even oil.
I also think that there are probably less conservatories in Germany, although they are beginning to become quite popular.
I have also seen a lot of small terrace houses in London. You won't find them in such a big number, and I also think that terrace houses are bigger in Germany. Maybe there are more appartment buildings in Germany.
You also won't find windows that you have to push up to open them.

I also found a website where an American family describes all the things they found noticeable about their house. I know this is not the right perspective as you come from England, but the page still has many pictures, and maybe there are some helpful information for you.

You might also find this interessting:
It is written from a British point of view, and I think especcialy the last paragraph might be interesting.

Hope this helps


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