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Hello.  I am looking for information or documentation relating to my second great grandfather's family and his emigration from Leipzig, Saxony, Germany to the United States.  He was born about 1833 and emigrated before 1858. (I have documentation of his marriage in Baltimore, MD in 1858.)

I recently found a website dedicated to emigration from southwestern Germany (Baden, Württemberg) and was hoping to find a similar resource for Saxony.  I would also try writing to a government office for this type of information, if I could find the correct place.  While searching, I found AllExperts and thought I would give it a try.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Coin of Saxony 1835
Coin of Saxony 1835  
Hi there Kathleen,

Most important is an exact date and place of birth when researching family. The office of the issuing marriage certificate should have the places and dates of birth of both members. Without that you are not totally lost though, hoping that there are not too many people with the same name. Surely you can give the name here or is it a secret? sadly a lot of immigrants choose new names to avoid taxes back home or escaping Knowing his profession is helpful and if you know where he worked you have access to business files too. If you know in which religious community he was a member you will find material there.

German cities were very heavily bombed by American and British forces in World War ii so a lot of documentation went lost.

You might get a lot of help at where there is a forum. Ask in English or use a simple translator to start a topic on Leipzig.

Archives of the State of Saxony >>>

Visit Germany? I will be willing to guide you for a week through the archives, I am semi-retired and need to visit Leipzig again sometime too!



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