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Hello. My group and I asked you a question about the changes in Germany after the Holocaust and you were very helpful, thank you! We were just wondering if there was any way you could give us specific laws that were changed/added/removed before/during/after the Holocaust. I'm sorry this is such a broad question, but if it's too much only the really important ones are necessary. Again, thank you so much for your help.

Hello Tatiana,

it is a broad question.

As I pointed out in my previous reply, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic were not mere continuations of the German Empire, so of course most of the laws were re-written or re-issued.

The most obvious change is that both new German states had a completely new constitution. West Germany also was a federal state which the German Empire had not been.

I know that your question relates to the Holocaust specifically, but if you put this into a broader historical perspective you will see that the Holocaust only ended when World War II ended, which meant the end of Germany as people knew it - and with that of course also the end of its laws.

I could be far more specific if you have more specific questions.

Andreas Moser


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