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I am doing a project in school on Germany. One of the requirements is to have an activity. Iwould like to know some popular games children play in Germany. hank you.

Hello Kayla,

thank you for your question.

I thought of some games chidren like to play, at birthday parties for example.

The first game is called "Ich packe meinen Koffer" (I pack my suitcase).
The first child of a group starts by saying "Ich packe meinen Koffer und nehme mit..." (I pack my suitcase and take along...) and then says something they would pack. For example: my favourite T-Shirt.
The next child now has to say "I pack my suitcase and take along my favourite T-Shirt, and my hairbrush." Then it's the next child's turn who has to list the first two items and add something new. The list grows, and it always has to be repeated in the correct order. If a child makes a mistake (forgets an item, or repeats the list in a wrong order) it is out of the game. The game continues until there is only one child left who hasn't made any mistake. This child is the winner. You can make this game a bit more complicated with adding a gesture to each item (for example tugging your shirt when you say "My favourite T-Shirt"). This gesture then also has to be repeated every time.

Another game is called "Reise nach Jerusalem" (Journey to Jerusalem). I have no idea why it is called like this, but it is known under this name everywhere in Germany.
For this game you put chairs next to each other (they might also be turned back-to-back). There should be one chair less than children in the group, so if there are 10 children you put up 9 chairs. You turn music on, and the children run around the chairs in a circle. When the music stops, the children try to find a chair. The child that doesn't find a child is out of the game. Now you take one chair away again, and the game starts again for the other children. In the end two children run around one chair. The child that manages to sit on the chair when the music stops is the winner.

The next game is rather for older children as it can be a bit frightening to younger children. It is called "Mord im Dunkeln" (Murder in the Dark).
There's a bit of preparation necessary, as each child needs to pick a slip of paper first. One of them says "Detective" and another one says "Murderer". The other slips might say nothing or just other jobs like baker or teacher. Only the "Detective" may say what he picked, the other children should keep it secret.
The Detective leaves the room, and in the room the light is turned out and the music is turned on. Now the "Murderer" picks another child and taps it three times on the shoulder. This child now screams out loud and lies down on the floor. Of course you can also choose that the "Murderer" only needs to tap once, but this "Murder sign" should be known to everyone before the game starts.
When the Detective hears the scream, he returns to the room, turns on the light and turns the music off. The Detective now needs to find the "Murderer". There are different possibilities how this is played, but most often the "Murderer" changes something about himselve when it's dark (for examples takes of the glasses, or tugs one side of the shirt into the trousers...). Now the Detective needs to find this change, and so identify the "Murderer". For this the Detective also should have a good look at everyone before he leaves the room at the beginning of the game.
If the "Murderer" is not found, he wins the game. If the "Detective" finds him all the other children win.

I hope that this is helpful for you.

Kind regards


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