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Can I get rail travel to Saarlouis from either Belgium or Amsterdam ?

Hello Ian,

thank you for your question.

It is possible to go from Amsterdam or Belgium to Saarlouis. However, there is no direct connection. I looked for connections on the website of Deutsche Bahn (the German railway provider) and it looks as if you would have to change trains at least twice. There are several possibilities to get to Saarlouis from the places you mentioned, via Cologne or Luxemburg for example. The reason why you have to change is probably also because Saarlouis isn't a very big city, and so it's not necessarily on the main travel routes.

If you want to check connections you can do so on the English language version website of Deutsche Bahn:
Unfortunately, you won't always get information about the ticket fees, as Deutsche Bahn doesn't have the information of ticket fees from the Dutch or Belgium providers.

So you might also want to check the English language website of the Dutch railway travel provider:
If you are looking for the connection from Amsterdam to Cologne here, you will have to enter "Keulen" instead of Cologne, as this is the Dutch name for the city.

There is also an English language website of the Belgium railway for international travel:

Hope this helps.
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