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Germany/citizenship inquiry from Syria


good day to you sir.
i was born in germany in 1983. my parents stayed there till i become 3 years old.then they came back to syria.
my parents are syrian and so do i.
can i get german citizenship?should i hire a lawyer?

Hello Samer,

unfortunately you cannot get German citizenship this way.
Before the year 2000, Germany had a strict "ius sanguinis" law, meaning that one could only obtain German citizenship from one's parents, not based on being born in Germany.

Your only chance would be naturalisation, but you would need to move to Germany first and learn the language to qualify. Because you were too young to go to school in Germany, you cannot draw any benefits from your short stay in Germany.

For more on German citizenship law:

I am sorry that I don't have better news.

My kind regards to Syria,
and I hope you will be free of the dictatorship of Assad soon,

Andreas Moser


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