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Dear Rangutan,

First thank you for volunteering on All Experts.

We are a group of 12 persons (6 couples) ages 50's - 60's and would like to take a holiday in south Germany for 7-10 days in early September.

Our group is interested in history, culture, museums, music and good food & wine.

We definitely want to spend a few days in Munich and visit surrounding area including Fusson and other areas of interest. We are open to the idea of renting 2 vans and take a drive tour but prefer to stay in 2 or maximum 3 locations, to avoid spending our holiday packing & unpacking.

If our trip can be arranged by a tour operator that will offer us accomodation, van rental + guides that would be an option to consider and would save us time in research,nplanning & bookings.

I would appreciate any advice you may have for us,

With my appreciation & best regards


Berr Reissen
Berr Reissen  
I suggest you use Munich as base and do the first 4-5 days with city transport. There are specials deals at for that, specially the 3-day partner ticket. Then there are special "after 9am" deals by train or bus for day-trips to the castles at Füssen, Salzburg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Dachau. There are operators that organise trips into the Alps, to the west and further like which I highly recommend. Car hire with petrol is a luxurious offer, petrol at €1,64 per liter and parking in cities is limited.
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