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Germany/Post WWII - German Attitudes towards "Liberators," later Occupiers


When WWII was ended, I know the Allies split the country into East and West, and the City of Berlin was as well.  Was there a predominant opinion, positive or negative, towards the occupying forces?  I have read and seen documentaries set as the war was ending, suggesting that there was a major prejudice against the Russians and what they might do to Germany's people, but I haven't heard of any similar fears of the English or the American troops.  For myself, I would imagine that many people would feel a breathe of relief to be rid of their oppressive government, while others might remain fiercely loyal even to the old regime.  What sort of interactions, if any would the average German citizen have with any of the occupying troops, and what sort of relationship was most common - i.e. was one group antagonizing the other for sheer spite, etc?  If you are not familiar with this, I would welcome any recommendations for books/documentaries on the topic.  Thank you in advance.

from what I heard the Americans were very welcome and accepted in the south of Germany after the war but much less the British in the north and the Russians not at all in the east.
I have no specific information or sources either than yahuugling myself.
There are surely some great films about Germany after the war, perhaps ask a film expert?


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