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QUESTION: I am researching my family history. My German great great grandfather born in 1830 immigrated in 1864. On numerous US church records, he is liste as coming from Rheindorf Bavaria. As far as I know, the three towns that have Rheindorf in their names are all in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Can you offer any explanation? Was Bavaria ever used (mis-used) as a gem for Germany during this period? I realize this was before the German states were unified.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.


yes, currently there is not a place in Bavaria called Bavaria but names do change over the decades. I will look for old names within in the next few days, also with other spelling.

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QUESTION: I'm sorry but your answer confuses me. I'm not looking for a place in Bavaria called Bavaria. I'm trying to figure out why the town of Rheindorf is listed as "Rheindorf Bavaria" in US church records when it is not in Bavaria. I'm trying to find out if Bavaria was ever used as a generic term for Germany in the 1800s?

Thanks for trying.

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Sorry, I meant to write : " called Rheindorf in Bavaria...."!

I found, in old texts, no "Reindorf" in Bavaria but a "Reindorf" near Cadolzburg (previously Edadolspurg?)near the current city Furth.
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There was also place called "Reindorf" in Poland (previously Prussia)

Names have changed a lot in Europe after all the wars we had. Sadly, very often, the names of towns (and surnames too) were misspelled by authorities preparing immigration or registration forms.

Note also, Bavaria (english) = Bayern (German)

I hope this helps, my resources are depleted on-line. The best is to find a hobby genealogist in Nürnburg or Furth to do research in the city archives.


P.S: There is also mention of a Rheindorf (now Lustenau) near Bregenz on the upper Rhein River a few miles before the river meets lake Constanz a.k. Bodensee. This area was occupied by the Bavaria (Königreich Bayern) in the 19th century (1805-18??). Just, where was the exact border. Usually the river? Lustenau itself was reigned by "the counts of Waldburg-Zeil-Lustenau-Hohenems" that time. The border to Bavaria is today only 10 miles north. It is now part of Austria since 1830, the birth year of your grandfather!,9.6546623,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x479b13f80a05c6a7:0x57777c4ec9910146
This will need proofing on-site I think!


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