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Hamburg girl wrote at 2006-10-31 17:13:48
Schrank is NOT an ice box!!!  It is a cabinet (wardrobe or armoire).  It is a common item that is in every German home.  Depending on the style is is either for the bedroom (German homes don't have closets) or it could be for a livingroom as a display cabinet or book shelf (again depending on style).  It could be an antique but probably not..(even IKEA sells them now).

Grüsse aus Denver, mybuddyrobin

Sam wrote at 2009-05-01 02:02:17
I know this answer is way out of date, but the answer from Larry just made me laugh.

I doubt you have an icebox - Larry seems to have tried to apply an image of an American furniture product to a piece of German living room furniture. Shrunk, Schrank lots of ways to spell/describe it but ice box isn't it. Though it does sound a bit small for typical. I have two, both are in 6 pieces and 9 and 12 feet long total and 7 feet tall. He is right about trying to get it appraised, though probably not antique unless the brother bought it knowing that or more than 50 years ago. More likely it is just a beautiful piece of furniture that can only be valued by what the buyer wants to pay for it. Quality is probably the best thing going for it.

bert wrote at 2009-06-23 06:42:10
My mother was from E.Germany.  We lived there as a kid and we grew up here in the States.  We have two schranks - one in the living room (wohnzimmer) and one in the dining room.  These came over from Germany in the mid 1950's and are in impeccable condition.  We live in Kansas but can take pictures.  Any ideas on how to get them valued would be muchly appreciated

Jim wrote at 2009-07-20 17:10:21
In assist to the answer. i have one of these units which my brother also brought back from Germany. This thing is a complete kitchen in one unit. from the old ice box to the glass flour and sugar storage hoppers to the slide out cutting board and china storage. it even sport a wooden egg holder in the ice box, all skeleton keyed storage cabinets. I have seen only one since i got mine and it was in pretty bad shape but they wanted $1150.00 for it at a flea market. I never had mine appraised.

mermaid069 wrote at 2010-01-14 18:13:29
What you actually have is a German Schrank which is equivilent to an American wall unit or book case.  Most of them come in 2 or 3 sections and are very ornate.  Some have a bar section or what we call a pull down door to store liquor.  Since most Americans don't have this type of furniture, an antique dealer may be able to help if it is an old one.

Majelsak wrote at 2015-02-26 15:22:17
It is not an icebox. It is basically a very big entertainment center. You can use it to display various things. Pictures, knick knacks, books etc. Most shrunks come in two to three pieces. Huge. Heavy and well made. Will last a lifetime.  Worth quite a bit of money. Speaking from an owner.


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