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im not sure if this is about ghosts or anything but i cant really understand what was going on i was dreaming that i was playing a video game online called modern warfare and i was talking to the other users with a head set (i dont have this game in real life i had one but got rid of it 2 years ago) so in the game i walked up to a corner and got stuck then i heard a female voice saying "how did you know that crouching was..." i couldnt understand anything else but what scared me was that right after she started talking i heard and got the feeling that my bed was being pounded as if someone else were there lying down and slamming it with his arms and legs the voice felt as if it was part of my dream like inside my head but the pounding felt as if it was coming from outside my head i remember actually waking up and shut my eyes closed and still hearing the pounding right besides me (but i dont think it was real noise since anyone else in my house got awaken) it lasted about 15 seconds around 3:30 am after that i layed down completely scared out of my mind for almost an hour and the first images of what i imagined was about demons and possessions after almost an hour i turned on the lights and started researching of what just happened but didnt find anything besides something called exploding head syndrome anyway its 5:10 am so this happened like 1-2 hours ago im very confused because i thought i had seen a lot i had a couple of sleep paralysis when i was little (not anymore) i have had several lucid dreams i have had that dream where you feel as if youve fallen on your bed but i had never experienced nothing like this before im a bit excited and very confused of what it was i hope youre able to help me
i swear this is no joke all i said is true im just looking for answers and this did just happen an hour or two before posting this

Hi Danny,

 I believe that you are my first question from Mexico. I am always thrilled when I receive questions from other places. I am also glad that you sought out an expert that will give you the most logical and rational answer based on fact, not subjective, often unprovable, opinion. I think that you would appreciate that given the fact that you yourself looked online for a rational explanation for your experience. Good work!

 Wow - Exploding Head Syndrome is a term that I haven't heard in a long while although I refer to its makeup fairly often when discussing things such as Pavor Nocturnus, hynpagogic states, nightmares and the such. The actual syndrome is actually more of a symptom, or symptoms rather than an actual disorder in itself and is often indicative of some other disorder or phenomena, depending on how you look at the events occurring. What you experienced is broadly known as a parasomatic event. The "para" prefix in this case has little to do with "para"normal phenomena.

 During a parasomatic event you are subject to strange movements, noises, emotional feelings [including fright, confusion, a presence in the area,], auditory and visual hallucinations that seen very real, etc. When the conscious mind meets the subconscious mind in a state where the sleeper is between the sleep and awake state they have a "How do you do?" encounter and these are often confusing.

 To be more specific, what you most likely experienced is known in the field as a "False Awakening". This would explain most of what happened during your event. I do not believe that you suffered a Night Terror, the aforementioned Pavor Nocturnus, as what happened to you only has some of the needed criteria.

  Usually when a parasomatic event occurs the sufferer either has a lot of recent stress or a lot of built up fatigue. Were you partying this weekend? Just kidding. Seriously though, I doubt if you are likely to have this repeat itself, although in very rare circumstances recurring episodes for a brief period of time have been reported. Worrying about this will only substantiate it into your subconscious and you will create the environment for repeated episodes. Recognize it as what it is, a freak psychological occurrence.

 I would suggest that you remove your clock radio [I naturally assume everyone uses one] from your bedside. During my investigations of haunted sites I have noticed that 95% of our clients have a clock radio within 4 feet of their heads. These devices have high electromagnetic signatures - after all they are built to receive radio signals which are electromagnetic waves. These can effect the temporal lobe of the brain and this can cause parasomatic and paranormal-like events.

 You may wish to download the Brown noise sample from our website. The instructions are on the page. You should find that your sleep improves. Check out the page next week when we will have a new White/Brown Noise sample online. You'll find it on the following page

 Danny, I hope that this has shed some light on what happened to you the other night. If you have any more questions or concerns - I'm here to help.

Take care,

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