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QUESTION: Hi, my name is Meghan and I have a 5 year old son. When I was very young my mother and I lived in an apartment building that had one been a nursing home, and I can remember always talking to an elderly lady in the corner. I was only about 4 but soon after I told my mother, we move out. I have always believed in ghosts and the paranormal but my son has been seeing "things" that frighten me a bit. He started pre-kindergarten last year and since we live on a hollow, there really isn't anyone around. He started seeing black figures last year which he described as "something wearing a black costume all over". He has seen a couple variations of that description and has even tried talking to one but they never answered him or didn't seem to know he was there. I cannot see ghosts or anything anymore so I have no idea what he really saw. Then this year, he's in Kindergarten and he didn't see anything else until last week. Again we were at the bus stop and out of nowhere he said, "mommy, there's a ghost over there looking at us." I asked what it looked like and he described it as all black once again but with wings. He said it was just staring at us. Caden waved and said when the "ghost" waved back, his wing fell off. He wasn't scared but asked me to talk to it because he said they never answer him. I said "hello", and he says, "mommy, I think i heard it whisper 'hello'". He was excited because it was the first time one had ever answered. So i said, "how are you?" Caden said he heard it whisper "good". (He says it's just a whisper and can't tell whether or not it's girl or boy), and so I had him ask why the "ghost" was here. Caden got really stiff and said really quietly, "I think he said gun..". After that Caden didn't see anything for a couple of days. Once again at the bus stop he said he saw him for a couple of seconds but now the "ghost's" friend was there instead. He also described this thing as having wings but much bigger and a little different than the other one's wings. Caden said this one wouldn't talk to him but he could tell that it did not like us. I've been worried the last couple of weeks and started doing research but found nothing, until I came across this site. I don't know why but Caden always seems to see "black ghosts" as he calls them, but these are the first ones with wings he's ever mentioned. I've always thought that being able to see the paranormal was a gift and I wish I could again, but now I'm not so sure. Should I be worried for him?

ANSWER: Hello Meghan,

I don't think you have to be worried about Caden.  He might well grow out of his gift, as you appear to have done.  He might not.  There are so many children born now who are sensitive to the spiritual planes, and stay that way.  

I could only laugh when you wrote that the black figure's wing fell off.  How tall was the figure?  Did Caden say it was a child like him?  It's nice to think that kids still love to play 'dress up', even when they are dead (he might have been copying the figure with him, which means he would be aware of his angel, which is good).

I wonder if the other black figures Caden is seeing are what we call 'shadow people'?  Have you read about them?  Ignore any stories that say they interact with humanity, because they don't.  We don't know exactly what they are, but they don't seem to see us either.  There are other entities that interact, and they are not so friendly, but Caden doesn't seem to be experiencing them.

I am also wondering if Caden is seeing some ghosts as black figures (that is often caused by how the ghosts 'see' themselves).  Some people do, some people see them as transparent people, and some can't really distinguish the dead from the living - it all depends on that person's psychic gift.  

It doesn't sound like the figure at the bus stop, and its watcher, are following you guys home, so that is good.  And this ghost did start talking to you guys, so I am wondering if you can help it cross over?  More about that in a minute.

Why does Caden think the other winged figure doesn't like you both?  What does he say it looks like .. or is it a black figure too.  Is it taller that the ghost that talked to you?  Could it be an angel?  It won't talk to Caden, because if it is the ghost's guardian angel, it only speaks to him, and to God.  That doesn't make it unfriendly, but it might look very stern and serious.

Back to our little ghost.  Did he get killed by a gun?  That's very sad.

This is for next time Caden sees him ..

"Archangel Michael, please find the ghost my son Caden is seeing and hearing, talk to him, and take him into healing".

We all have angels, most particularly a guardian angel, who stands with us from before we are born until they walk us into heaven, regardless of whether we believe in them or not.  We can ask these angels to help ghosts (lost souls) when we can connect to them.  Because of Caden's age, you can make the request for him.  If the ghost is trapped at the bus station for some reason, you will help him cross into a place where he can forget why he chose to become a ghost and find peace.  And you can do this at other times when Caden sees other figures as well.  

You have a beautiful unusual son who is clairvoyant (clear vision) and clairaudient (clear hearing).  He might stay that way, or he might grow out of it, but as long as you continue to support him and believe him when he tells you what he is seeing or hearing, he'll be stronger because of you.  Good work!  

You might like to read my webpages on the paranormal, for more information.  There are also house shields and personal energy shields there ..  Any questions you can ask there, or from email links on the site.

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for answering so fast! I was thinking the way he described the figures to be angels, but he said they were across the road and a good distance away and were not very tall. Someone also said they could be fallen angels and that scared me a little, haha. Thank you for answers and I'll read up on shadow people as well.

Angels can be any height they like, and a child might be more comfortable with another child-sized angel keeping a watch on them.

Fallen angels are very thin on the ground, and they don't usually act as watchers over children, so I wouldn't be worried about that.

Any questions in your reading, you know where to find me,
Love & Peace

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