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my aunt is having trouble in her house, it started a few year ago, she was alone in her house and when she went into bed she could feel something on the bed and it was touching her, it all went quite until recently, it has been happening over the last few weeks she gets this awful feeling when she goes to bed, like there is a bad presence in the room, she is terrified and will only go to bed when its daylight, lastnight my 8 year old daughter was staying with my aunt and it happened again, my aunt said she could feel something pulling at her night clothes, she also said that my daughter was keep kicking her leg as though someone was near her, but my aunt didnt want to wake my daughter incase she scared her, she is fine through the day but is terrified when it comes to bed time. can you please give my some advice on what to do. thank you.

Hello Karen,

Kids kick in their sleep all the time.  It depends on how vivid their dreams are.  If your daughter had been aware of the entity she would have woken up and been frightened.  Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Now .. I don't know if your aunt is on the internet, but if she is send her to this webpage  

If she can't get there, copy the page out and give it to her.  Ask her to read it and then say the Invocation for herself first, and then change it to say it for her home.  The instructions are on the page.  That should take care of the problem.

You both might also like to go to this page and learn these energy shields, to keep ghosts out of the house, and away from her ..  

Lastly .. there's information about ghosts and why we need psychic protection on this page

They are all my webpages, so if either of you has any questions you can write to me privately from an email link on the pages, or through this site.

Love & Peace

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