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My dad's boss was giving away stuff from the warehouse, so my dad brought home a chair that looked in very good condition, fairly new.  I was studying for my final exams.  I saw the chair my dad was sitting and asked where he got it.  After that I told my dad that I wanted the chair and then sat on it.  That same night, I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up in the middle of the night, around 4 AM because of some horrific nightmares I never experienced until that day.  The first dream, I saw someone was trying to kill me and successfully did so.  I remember waking up and was very scared, I thought I really died for real.  Then I went back to sleep again, this time I saw an old Caucasian lady with gray hair, about 50-60 years old.  She sat on that chair that my dad brought home, the exact position I was sitting before I fell asleep, the chair turns facing the sofa and me, exactly the position I was sleeping.  She told me that I reminded her of her lesbian lover, reincarnated, and that she wanted to take me away with her.  I remember in my dream I told her that she was mistaken, that I'm not her reincarnated lover, and I would not go any where with her.  I was pulling my hands trying to get free from her pulling me away with her.  I woke up sweating.  The strange thing was, the chair was facing me, facing my sofa, the exact position it was in my dream.  From that day on, every time I walked into that room, I would hear some eerie music like ghost music, it's instrumental music but it sounds very like hissing noise from far away, very creepy.  It only happened when I was alone, never when I was with other people.  It seemed like that woman did not like having me sitting on her chair.  She also followed me to my bed.  Every since that day, I could not sleep peacefully at night.  I would always have some kind of nightmare and would wake up in the middle of the night.  One time around 8:00 PM at night, I was wide awake, lying on my bed, and felt something pressing against me that I could not breath,  I immediately did a prayer to GOD (I'm Catholic) and I was suddenly got free.  I'm very sure that I was wide awake when this happened.  

What would be the best explanation for what I experienced?

Hi Kristin,

 Thank you for your interesting letter. You are correct in the subject, this is indeed a haunted chair. Believe it or not, the solution is fairly simple. I'll elaborate on that later.

 One of the most common types of ghosts are the materialistic, possessive ghosts. They are the ones who are usually associated with haunted houses where a former owner refuses to leave and makes every attempt to get rid of anyone occupying what he still considers "his" property. However items are also magnets to ghosts who refuse, for whatever their particular reason, to let go of the object. Jewelry, furniture and cars are among the most common items that they hold on to, but nearly everything and anything is fair game.

 At first glance one could easily assume that the chair was holding onto residual energy, and I am not ready to disallow that as a possibility all together. However I feel that the main cause of activity is being done by a ghost that is obviously capable of interactive, intelligent activity. I am placing the music into the residual phenomena category and the dreams into the haunting by an individual category.

 I would not be too quick to dismiss the episode of your laying awake and feeling a presence as being a hypnagogic state as I normally would under different circumstances, however possible that may be. Given what has been occurring to you lately there is a good chance that it was an mild psychic attack on you. Obviously the chair held great importance to this woman, perhaps a gift to, or from, her lover.

 As I stated, the solution is relatively simple, get rid of the chair. It is not so much that she wants physical possession of the chair as it sat idly in a warehouse without issue, but rather as I would assume, that she does not want it used by anyone in general and by another woman in specific. There was a show on television awhile back called "The Haunted Collector", or something along those lines [I rarely watch paranormal programs on TV]. His team would go to a client and find out what objects were responsible for the activity and then remove the object to his museum or wherever. The point is, that if an object is causing trouble, lose the object. Unless you or your family has grown abundantly attached to the chair [which is how possessive ghosts get started], it should be fairly simple to part with it. I would personally not even go to the trouble of having it 'cleansed' of the negative energy as I doubt that it would do much good. I will however say that once you have gotten rid of the chair to have your home cleansed by saging or smudging just to get rid of any negative and/or residual energies. Do not reach for the holy water or bring in a priest. In essence this is a minor situation and involving religion outside of a personal nature will in all likelihood make matters worse.

 Your sleep and dream patterns should return to normal once the chair has been removed. If there is some reason that someone wishes to keep it, I would suggest that you personally do not use the chair, respecting the old woman's on-going and obvious hints. As a matter of fact, bargain with her out loud stating that she leaves you alone as long as you leave the chair alone. Better just to get rid of it. As a precaution you may wish to warn anyone taking the chair about it's particularities. To be honest, if you were to sell it as a potentially haunted chair, there are bound to be some active buyers. Some people are suckers for punishment or enjoy the macabre. Don't guarantee it to be haunted as there is a chance that it will become nothing more than a benign chair to someone else, especially if they are not sensitive to it as you apparently are.

 In the mean time, ask your spirit guides, and guardian [spirits and angels] and door keepers [astral bouncer/body guards] to watch over you and protect you. As you are of a religious faith, you may also wish to ask the Archangel Michael to watch over and protect you. You do not need a long winded invocation, Michael and you guardians know who you are and what you need. Simply ask in the name of all that is pure and holy that you and your loved ones and your property be protected under a dome of pure white light. Do not direct any religious overtones outward directly to the entity, as already stated, trouble and activity will likely increase. You may also wish to put a line of salt around your bed as a barrier. As ghosts are supposedly repulsed by St. John's Wort, and provided that you have no medical reasons not to take it, you may wish to take a tablet before bed to fight this from with-in as well as from with-out.

 I hope that this has helped shed some light on what has been happening and the remedy, as I see it, on how to end this. Please feel free to contact me should you require any more assistance on this, or even just to let me know how things worked out.

 Take care,  

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