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All my life I have seen shadows, felt gusts where its impossible to have gusts, seen people out of the corner of my eye. Nothing is aggitated or bad. My 10 month old daughter has been playing in a room herself and looked up into mid air and talked to people. This year 2 people close to my family has passed. I am also in a wheelchair and I used to see lots of shadows when I was younger my mom (who believed in spirits) she told me that I was someone the spirits who could trust. I have a CNA who lost a paitent this summer and about 2 weeks ago, I started to see this little old man coming into my house with her being led inside on her shoulder. Now my CNA doesn't look like she notices. They start out as shadows, then slowly as they trusted me, I began to notice who they are. I see them as clearly as I see everyday people and I can actually hear them talk. Today I had a male shadow pacing my back sliding glass door. I could feel his anxiety like he lost something or someone. I talked to my husband whos grandfather passed away about a week and a half ago. I had my husband on speaker phone and slowly I began to notice who this shadow was. I want to know if this is normal. My husband never was able to go to say goodbye so it makes sense for him to bee here. When he heard my husbands voice, he smiled and sat down. He's waiting for him to come home. I have never had this happen so vividly, This is the second time in such a short time that I can speak with them. I feel their anxiety, I can sometimes feel their pain. Do you have any advice? Or am I crazy? This sometimes makes me feel so weird.


 Thank you for your letter and your questions. I would change your subject heading from "Possible ghosts" to "Very likely ghosts". I admire your approach to this issue and that leads me to believe that you have a natural gift of mediumship at the clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient levels [all are French terms meaning clear seeing, clear sensing and clear hearing respectively... the British had a thing for using French terms in the late 18th - early 19th centuries] meaning that you can see, sympathize and hear beings from the other side of the veil. Most pseudo-mediums are flamboyant, boastful and act as if they were divas. You have a down to earth attitude that is rare - as rare as a true medium anyway.

 Now if you were seeing shadows by themselves I would have gone into a lengthy response regarding the scientific, physiological and bio/neuropsychological reasons as to why they may appear. However it seems as if your shadows are merely the beginning stage of a more solid manifestation in your minds eye. Another thing that strikes me as pleasant and helps me to believe that you are genuinely gifted is that you do not assume these shadows as being dark/evil/malevolent entities, but rather see them for what they truly are. You have no idea how misconstrued the sensing of shadow beings has become. Your insight and attitude alone are most refreshing. To be honest, you are in a far better position to be able to know and understand who these souls are than I - but that's not going to slow me down so let's coninue...

 Your mother was likely gifted and your daughter seems definitely so. That also backs up my impression that you do indeed have talents due to the fact that mediumship is often passed down from mother to child although it may skip a generation. The majority of true mediums are female [1st] and gay men [2nd] [not to say that there are not straight medium men [3rd] or that all gay men are mediums]. That covers everyone except pets and there are a lot of psychic animals - but that's a different area all together. I am using the term "gift" here on the assumption that you are comfortable with it. I have corresponded with some who want nothing more than to take the "gift" and "return to sender"!

 I am not at all surprised that your CNA has a ghost following her. It is well documented that hospitals are among the most haunted of places as that is a place where people die, many unexpectedly. Those who were more or less expecting the trip to the hospital to be one way will usually only stay as long as the body is on site, and then follow it to the morgue - funeral home - funeral in that order. After that it will either remain earthbound and go to a place that held significance to him/her in life, be it good or bad. Home is usually where the heart is - even after it has stopped beating, so many head back to their house. However those who pass suddenly [car accident victim for example] or unexpectedly [someone who goes in for a minor issue and something goes deadly wrong] may not realize that they have died, or may not accept the fact that they have died. Incidentally, the feeble minded will often fall into one or both of the former states of confusion upon death. In the case of sudden / unexpected / mentally unaware death, the soul of the deceased is bound to remain in the hospital regardless of the location of their remains. It is not uncommon for ghosts to follow hospital staff home, or in the case of your worker - anywhere she's going.

 You must remember that these earthbound souls are more surprised at your abilities than you are of their existence. You have spent your entire life with your situation whereas they have only spent their entire death with their situation. Your experience wins hands down! Depending on how long they have been deceased, they come to expect people to basically "ignore" them. Not that this is deliberate act on the part of the living, but rather that most of us do not have that special ability to sense them in any meaningful manner.

 Another thing that you must realize is that you are dealing with ghosts, not spirits. A ghost is a soul that remains behind. A spirit is a soul that goes into the light. A spirit can grow, learn and evolve [and according to some beliefs, reincarnate] whereas a ghost is unable to be anything other than what he/she was while alive, except that they are now without a physical body. Eventually they lose sight of the light because they are materially pinned by their own doing, or undoing, to this realm. As you mature in your abilities you will be able to help them cross over into their proper realm of existence. The gift to be able to do that is what I believe to be one of the strongest, most human and humane gifts of all. To be honest one of the reasons that I became so deeply involved in my field is because I want to rescue lost souls, especially those of children, when I pass over. Of course I'll have to go into the light to evolve and learn how.

 I will caution you however. We all have door/gate keepers along with spirit guides and guardians in the forms of spirits or angels. They are there for you and I would highly suggest that you use their services. You have what is known as a "shining". What that means is that you "glow" more than the majority of us and are therefore attractive to those lost in the ghost realm. But that realm also includes some pretty unsavory characters. I would make it a habit [actually because of my work in haunted locations I have made it a habit] to ask your guides, guardians and door/gate keepers [astral bouncers] of the PURE WHITE LIGHT to keep you safe and protected and to envelop you, yours and your property with the white light of pure love and protection. Depending on your personal beliefs you may also ask your deity for personal protection, Archangel Michael if you so believe. I will warn you however not to project any religious overtones outward toward the ghost realm... some get royally annoyed and will retaliate - polterergeists [spelling correct] in particular. This is not meant to frighten you any more than a mother telling her tyke to look both ways before crossing the street is meant to frighten a child. It is meant as a safety warning only - nothing more. Being aware of danger does not manifest danger. The wearing of a protective talisman or amulet is also beneficial. I do not want to get carried away as you seem down to earth and I do not want to see you become "extreme" like so many of the new age divas are. That being said, I personally go for the pentacle [one on each hand and one around my neck], our Assistant Director [of the Eidolon Project Canada] prefers an Egyptian Ankh. Use what ever holds significance to you; it works as long as you believe in it's power [walnuts have been used!]

 By the way, you are not crazy. I find that it is usually the ones who ask that question who are the most sane as they question their sanity instead of accepting every strange thing as "normal" carte blanc [thought that I'd end with a French term!]

Should you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact me - I'm here to help.

Take care,

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