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Hi, My oldest son Michel passed away in 2008 he was only 22... My question is, is it possible for some people to get a connection of some sort with the diseased? He never woke up and I so need to know that he is OK and that I love and miss him so much and I would of done anything to help him.

There are so many psychics but I have no idea who is real or not


Hello Diane,

 Thank you for your letter, I am glad that you contacted me. First I would like to offer you my condolences regarding the passing of your son. Certain etiquette books will tell one not to say anything like, "He is in a better place." when offering sympathy. However, as someone who has spent many an hour researching this area I can assure you, and you can rest assured, that he is.

 First I will approach this from as close to science as we can get when pondering about after life existence. For that we have to rely upon the in depth and detailed accounts of Near Death Experiences [NDE] by certain individuals, mostly in the medical fields. In cases of NDE's the respondents report that there is indeed an existence of life after life [the term used by Dr. Raymond Moody, the man who began the modern study of NDE and who coined the very term. I will talk more about him later]. The death realm is without pain or disease. Bodies that were wracked with pain or disease while alive are whole and perfect upon dying. It is not uncommon for those in accidents to look down upon their bodies and report that absolutely no pain was present - however after returning to their bodies due to resuscitation they were immediately subject to the pains of the accident.

 After earthly, physical death the deceased have an ability to feel, or empathize with the living. Your son knows that you have and always will love him. You have told him so whether you realize it or not. The problem is not that we can not communicate with the deceased, the problem lies in the fact that it is nearly impossible under normal circumstances for the deceased to communicate with us. It is for that reason that people seek out the services of mediums to act as an emissary between the realms.

 Another issue that the living worry about, and the dead face is the problem of judgment. I want to assure you that there is no such thing as an eternal punishment. There is a life review, where the deceased takes a look at their life and see how it affected things and others. But there is no damnation, no tortures of Hell. Supposedly there are different levels of "heaven", the lowest of which is not that much different than the earth plane, just without the pain and miseries. So do not concern yourself with this at all. He is in a better place.

 Communicating with those who have passed over can be a tricky affair. It is important to realize that the ultimate decision of whether a deceased person decides to communicate or not is completely up to them. The jury is out on whether it is dangerous to attempt initial contact from our side of the veil. What I am getting at here is that absolutely nobody can guarantee that contact can be made. Anyone who claims that they can guarantee results is out right lying. That is something you'll need to be aware of if you decide to pursue contact.

 How to find a medium that is 1- legit and 2- worth their salt, can be a difficult hunt. The first thing to look for is reputation. What is the word of mouth opinion of the medium? [self promotion on their web sites or newspaper ads does not count as a reliable method of judging ability. Hype and hustle are worthless meters of ability].

 In the old days the fake and pseudo-mediums use to have an underground network of information that was shared, or sold, among them. A lot of information was gathered from the newspaper's society pages [Victorian Facebook if you will]. Social networks are now used as well. Giving a name or e-mail address can easily allow a fake access to a ton of information about you [and your's]. This can be used by those with ulterior motives, usually profit. Mediums work on the fact that people approach them because they want information about a deceased person. Let's face it, people do not go to McDonalds' for a manicure. Based on that premise the medium assumes you are there to make contact with the deceased as that is what they essentially serve. As most people care little about making contact with a deceased stranger, it is safe for the medium to assume that one wishes to contact someone close to them.   

When approaching a medium you must assure that you give as little personal information away as possible. You are hiring them to give you answers, not vice-versa. Here are some tips.
- Get a friend from another city to open a google e-mail account for you. We are trying to stop the medium from tracing your location. Make certain that the user name does not indicate a name or gender.
- If you are contacting the medium through their web site do not visit the web site directly. Instead use a free proxy service such as Ninja Proxy,
This will change your IP [Internet Protocol] address preventing the medium from knowing your location.
-Give the medium as little personal information as possible. As already stated, they will know by default why you are seeking their help. That is all the prep that they should have. Do not indicate your age or gender. Do not indicate the relationship between you and the deceased. Do not give a date of death. Do not give a gender of the deceased or a cause of death. Volunteer nothing.

  If you are sitting with a medium again give away nothing. Wear dark glasses as some mediums are adept at reading body language and something that we can not control is the way our eye pupils may react to a question. Sit as motionless as possible and if you absolutely have to answer a question do so with as little extra information as possible. Otherwise sit quiet. This advise also works for "psychics". At this point I believe that I have likely ticked off 90% of the psychic/mediums who have read this reply. The authentic ones are probably applauding me.

 As rare and unique as they are, genuine psychics and mediums do exist. I can not however endorse any one in particular as that would compromise my ethics. I do however have some listed on my web site Allison DuBois has gone through extensive testing, and David Wells is one of the most down to earth people that I am familiar with. As for mediums in your location, you would have to contact me directly and I could look into it. I can't however make any promises.

Another method of contacting the deceased is by scrying, with a mirror in particular. Following the steps of Dr. Raymond Moody my organization is planning on constructing an apparition chamber along the lines of a psychomanteum. This has been used in great success by Dr. Moody, a pioneer all the way. Please look for the book Reunions by Dr. Raymond Moody if this area interests you.  

 Diane, if I may I would like to suggest some other books for you. Anything by Allison DuBois but especially "Don't Kiss Them Goodbye". James Van Praagh' "Healing Grief" is also good.

Whatever road that you decide to take you must remember that your son is fine, happy and in better shape than you could ever imagine possible. I will leave you with the same subject that we started on. In many NDE's when a person is revived from death they have royally berated their physician for bringing them back. The afterlife was so warm, beautiful and peaceful that they didn't want to leave. Your son is in such a place.

 If there is anything else that I can do for you do not hesitate a second to contact me. I'm here to help.

Take care,

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