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Hi Ama, my name is Eveny and I am 16. I recently woke up paralysed feeling like there was a malevolent presence in my room. Once I could move again there was nothing there. People tell me I get up and do things in my sleep but I never remember it, so I thought maybe I should start recording myself sleeping. I have been sending texts in my sleep without remembering and waking up to music playing on my iPod, but when I checked my recordings they had somehow been deleted.. Is this really me or something else? If its related, I lost a ring some time ago. One day I was in my bath room and I heard a loud crash and smash in my bedroom. I walked in there and absolutely nothing had been broken or moved, it was like nothing was there. But the ring which had been missing for months was sitting right on my pillow. I asked everyone who was at my house, none of them went and put it in there. I lost the ring again soon after and have not seen it since. I also list a bracet a couple weeks ago, and yesterday found some links from the chain sitting on my bedroom desk.. The bracelet had never been broken before and I have still not found the rest of it. What on earth is all this about??? Thanks

Hello Eveny,

Have you done research on sleep paralysis .. which often gives a person the symptoms you describe, as well as the sense of something nasty in the room with you?

Sleepwalking, and doing stuff when you do, is not unusual.  It generally shows you have a lot on your mind and are worrying about things.  16 years old .. year 10 or 11?  Exams?  

What is written in the texts you are supposed to have sent?

The ring .. might be fairies.  They love to steal things and will eventually give them back, if we ask hard enough.  Same with the chain.

Here are two webpagest to read to learn and use ..  if you are being haunted this Invocation will allow your angels to find whomever is bothering you and remove them into a place where they can't harm anyone.  Read the page through a few times, and then say the invocation like you mean it.  this page has energy shields on it.  The house one keeps negative energy outside, makes for better sleep .. if it is an entity bothering you.  The personal shield I recommend to everyone.  Wrap one around yourself and live in it for a few days, then restore it each morning.  It can't stop your mind from overworking, but if you are being haunted by anything unfriendly, the shield will keep it from disrupting your sleep.

If you are at school, do you have a school counsellor you can go andchat to, to help you sort through the worries in your mind?  That will help too.

Love & Peace

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