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Hi there. I've been experiencing some paranormal activity and i need to know if i need to do anything about it, or how i would go about doing said things.
I guess you could say it's started waay back when i was little. Growing up, having the tv turn off and on, and the stereo flip through stations was a normal occurance in my house. No matter where we lived it always happened. I remember my mom yelling at the tv, and the tv went black. Then the words she yelled appeared on the tv screen. They read "Come on!!" Things like lighters falling from nowhere happened everyday. My mom  always said that a ghost followed her but it never did harm.
Now that i am a mom i think it's followed me, but it's not the same as it used to be. Every night at 11pm-ish my bedroom closet doors shake violently. Others have heard it but attribute it to my aparment settling or the weather changing.At night i always feel like someone is watching me, and now i have nightmares. In the nightmares a ghost is attacking me. It grabs me by my arms and shakes me. I scream and noone can hear me. I have unexplained bruises on my left arm that look like someone has grabbed me. After these nightmares i wake up and i dont know where i am. I've seen it once. I woke up to a sound in my apartment and when i looked into my hallway i saw something. You know when you mix alcohol in water and it kind of clouds and swirls? That's what it looked like. It moved back and forth around the corner and left.Also, batteries and lightbulbs never last in my house, i dont know if that has anythiing to do with anything. I smell mens cologne frequently. I am a single mom, and i dont have men in my house so theres no explainable source for it.
I have asked it to leave. I have demanded it leave in the name of the lord, and told it it's not welcome in my home. It seems the more i pay attention to it, the worse it gets.
What can i do to make this stop? Please help me.

Hi Kate,

 Thank you for your letter. I will see what I can do to try to explain what may be happening to you. Indeed it does sound as if you have attracted a ghost. The issue lays in separating what may have logical reasons from the parapsychological and paranormal ones. One of the challenges that people in my field have is determining what is paranormal from what is assumption, what is actual to what is perceived - separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Often times when one experiences a haunting more and more activity becomes attributed to the haunting, and soon reality is displaced by fancy.

 Most ghosts have an agenda, and most ghosts are territorial in essence. That is to say that most hauntings are done by an earthbound soul in a specific location. But there also those who haunt people. I can not say that this is the same ghost that haunted your mother. What is important now is that you have an attached ghost. I can only guess, given the information I have to work with, as to why. There is a chance that you and your mother, and perhaps all of the females through out the ages in your family tree have some hidden, latent psychic abilities. If this is the case you will appear attractive to the grounded souls that exist in the ghost realm. Your aura shines brighter than the rest of us. If you recall Stephen King's book The Shining, that is what he was referring to, the fact that some people with the gift glow when seen through the eyes of the deceased. As an attractant, you may be pestered by these beings if your guardian spirits and gate keepers are slacking off.

 There is a chance that you have a type of ghost that I classify as a stalker. They are not much different than living stalkers and traits have been profiled by members of the behavioral science unit of the FBI. Stalkers in life may become stalkers in death. Most living stalkers are fixated on a particular individual. Dead ones do the same. Whether or not this person knew you while he was alive , I can only guess. What is important is not how he came upon you, but rather that he is making your life difficult. Stalker or attached ghosts are not uncommon. Jennifer Love Hewitt was unknowingly stalked by someone she once knew - he was dead at the time of his stalking. Lucky for her, the medium associated with the TV program Ghost Whisperer discovered the pervert and sent him packing.

 If this ghost is attached to you, there is a chance that he may be visiting you in some dreams. However, there is a better chance that your subconscious mind is trying to make sense out of the events surrounding your life - that is the main purpose of dreams. I fall on the psychological and physiological answers before I assume the answers to be found in the ranks of the paranormal. As for the hand prints on your arm. Again to rule out the obvious, that you are unconsciously doing so as you sleep, I would suggest to you as I suggest to others who have the same or similar problem. Wear a thick pair of mittens to bed for awhile or purchase a cheap pair of cloth arm pads (the type worn by martial artists) to bed. If the problem persists, if you experiences hand prints through 3/4 inches of foam rubber, the "normal" can be ruled out and the "paranormal" may step in as a reason. Some of the bedtime sleep issues you mention sound a lot like symptoms of being in a hypnagogic state.

 As well, the closet antics may be exactly what the neighbors are saying. Living in an apartment there can be a lot of reasons that things happen that one would not find in a single dwelling due to the fact that it is impossible to know the actions of everyone living in the building which may account for smells, sounds, lights, rumblings...

 Now let's assume here that what you are dealing with is a ghost, a stalker or attached ghost. The smell of cologne, if there is no other reason for it indicates a male presence. As does the apparent aggression. If you are being haunted, then the closet events are likely a rouse to get you upset. The nightmares as well for the same purpose. You gave the solution to your dilemma yourself when you stated that the more you pay attention to it the worse it gets. There-in lays a partial answer. Stop feeding it. Most ghosts have enough energy to go about their ghostly business provided that they are "content" ghosts - those who go about their existence with much care about our realm. When a ghost wants to do more than just exist, it needs additional fuel. People are exactly the same. We have a basal metabolic rate, the amount of energy needed to merely exist day to day. But if we are training to become Mr. Olympia, we better start cramming in the calories (energy) to support the extra demand that our bodies require. Ghosts who want to do more than just "exist" require additional energy. Human bio-energy released via the emotions is a rich source of energy for them. As fear, anger and confusion are easy emotions to evoke, those are the ones that they use to 1- get our attention and 2- feed off of that attention. Bottom line is to stop giving it so much attention.

 Asking it to leave is one solution, but not always the most effective when one is a novice at it. Demanding it to leave works even less and throwing the lord in it's face is one way to tick it off royally. In nine times out of ten religion only makes matters worse. Your immediate answer is to ask your spirit guides, guardians and gate keepers (astral bouncers) to strengthen their efforts to provide you with the utmost of protection. You only need to ask that the beings of the pure white light protect you and yours. Ask that your guides, guardians and gate keepers and angels of the pure white light keep you safe from all negative, evil, malicious and malevolent energies. If you have your own faith that you follow, do so internally. Do not exteriorize religion towards the entity unless you want more trouble from it. If you wish more protection, use the following incantation:

"Before me, Raphael.
Behind me, Gabriel.
On my right hand, Michael.
On my left hand Uriel.
I ask for your protection over me and my family.
A ask that my guardian spirits, my guardian angels, my spirit guides and my gate keepers of the pure white light keep me save from any negative, malicious or evils energies, entities or beings and I ask that you surround me, my family and my home with the white light of protective energy and love. I ask this in the name of all that is pure and holy, ask as I ask, so be it."  

 I would also suggest sprinkling salt around your bed before sleeping for the next 9 days. You may also wish to purchase a pentacle to wear as an amulet for protection from evil. I personally wear three - one on each hand and another around my neck. In my line of work I take no chances. What ever method you use, it is useless unless you have faith in its ability to work. Your next step would be to smudge or sage your home. I can lead you through the method. You will want to warn your neighbors before hand as the herbs have a "familiar" aroma when burned and you don't need the neighborhood thinking that you throw pot parties! All kidding aside, try the ways that I have suggested.

 If there is anything else that you need assistance with, I'm here to help. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the best in the New Year. Take care,

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