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Castle of Alfereria
Castle of Alfereria  
I live in Spain and my friend recently visited Zaragoza for the gymnastic Spanish champions that her daughter was competing in. They visited the castle of Alfereria (i have attached a photo of the castle for you). They came to an end of a corridor where there was a small window seat that my friend got two of the girls to sit on for a photo, she took two photos. One came out good, the other is a image of a man walking in front of the two girls. Where the man is walking from is a dead end, there is just a wall there and my friend said no-one walked in front of her. The man seems to be wearing a hat and one of the girls seems to be looking at something???.
I hope you can shed some light on this image in the photo.
Thank you for all your help.
Andrea xxx

EPC Image Analysis - Apparition
EPC Image Analysis - A  

 Hello Andrea,

 Thank you for your patience. As I explained, photo analysis can take time. The first part of course is to try to figure out if the photo is a fake. The second thing we do is to look fro natural and logical reasons for whatever is sent to us. If the photo is not, in our opinion faked, or has a reason for the image, we go to work on attempting to uncover the mystery.

 I always start off with the bad news. The first thing that I noticed was that the lions share of what is known as EXIF [Exchangeable Image File Format] information is missing. That raises an alarm that the image is not an original, but a copy. However, the loss of information can occur when images are sent to another computer, via e-mail. So although an alarm was sounded, it wasn't very loud in this case. However, when checking as to whether or not the photo was in any way altered or edited, our program came up "Class 1" meaning that it had in some way been altered. The software however can not establish how it was altered. That rang the second alarm. But again, software is not infallible, and the transferring of the photo may account for the readings. The reason that I mention all of this is that there will be those who read this and would cry fowl if I did not explain that logical and reasonable explanations were searched for first.

 In that vein, I also have to mention that the photo may have been "photoshopped" or the image created graphically with a photo editing program. That would explain the Class 1 label and the scant EXIF information. It could also explain the sharpness of the apparition. I could easily replicate this photo on a computer using editing programs, including the sun flare. Again, I have to list the logical explanations for image. My position as the analyst is not to take sides but to present the whole picture, no pun intended. I also want to make it clear that I have no reason to believe that your purpose is to deceive me or to fake a photo. That being said, I decided to continue with the analysis. I am glad that I did.

 The first thing that I noticed was the obvious back lighting and the lack of flash. This left the background of the photo over exposed while the foreground was underexposed. {Flash used as a fill in would help eliminate the shadows in the foreground but would do nothing for the overexposure]. This leads me to believe that the camera was either set on manual with no flash or was a cell phone camera, which would explain why the camera did not compensate for the lighting problems. I also noticed that the aperture was left open longer resulting in motion blur. The motion blur is noticeable on the girl in the front as she moves her head back towards the wall leaving a slight double image of her face. The good news is that the apparition also has motion blur that aided me in discovering which direction it was moving and therefore which direction it was facing. The apparition is not moving from the wall toward the girls but rather from the hall towards the wall. That changed perspective. It also changed the apparition's gender! It is not a man in a helmet or hat, it is a woman wearing a full dress [think of something worn by Queen Victoria with a full billowing skirt], and the traditional Spanish headdress known as a mantilla. [Mantilla were popular from the 16th century to the 19th century so it helps put an era to the apparition].

 The castle, Palace of pottery, or Palacio de la Alfararia was built in the 9th century, so it is safe to assume that the lady in question could have been part of the castles history somewhere in the 16th-19th centuries.  I am also going to assume, quite logically that the wall that she is heading toward wasn't there in her period. One of the photos shows a power outlet, a dead give away of renovations and added walls. Obviously the interior would not have gyprock/drywall in the 9th century. So what we see as walking into a wall or dead end in our eyes may well have bee more open in the apparitions day and age.

 I did not need a lot of work to bring out the details. Some sharpening and some filters were applied. When analyzing, I do as little as possible so that the overall integrity of the data is left as much in the original state as possible. This is standard - I personally can neither confirm nor deny that this is an actual photo of a ghost. That being stated, I was pretty excited to bring out the details!

 Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with your photograph. I hope that this has helped shed some light on the photo that you sent and the possible apparition found there-in. If you need any more information, or have any concerns, I'm here to help. Take care,

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