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QUESTION: Hello, I started seeing ghosts when I was in 5th grade, i had just finished cleaning house so I went into the front room and sat down in my fathers recliner to rest up. It was right before dusk I remember, all the shades were drawn and the doors were closed, I was home alone, when suddenly a man walked right thru the wall where the light switch was, he was solid like you and I, he had a non chaulant, carefree way about the way he walked, he stopped turned and looked at me, he had no expression on his face, then he turned his face back forward and went merrily on his way, all I remember thinking was how the hell did he do that? I am now 52yrs old and can still picture him in my mind as if just happened, he was tall about 6'1 thin built he had on a dark blue dress suit as if he was goin somewhere nice, he had grey hair with a regular boys haircut you could tell his hair was dark at one time it was still mixed in it, he looked like the guy from the original mission impossible PETER GRAVES, ever since then I still see ghosts they follow me wherever I go, it's always a man, sometimes I see only a silohuet, sometimes they stand over me as I sleep, I have also seen orbs like little caspers go around my room, there was no light source on anywhere in the house, I have also woke up in the middle of the night and my room was filled with smoke so I ran out thinking the house in on fire but it wasn't, I have also been chased by an invisible force, tears were pouring out of my eyes and I shrieked loudly the neighbors thought maybe someone got murdered or something, no matter where I live they follow me, my room is always the coldest room in the house, and the path the ghosts walked is always passing in and out of my room, I have some cherokee indian in me I thought maybe that was why, my mom can see angels she is a god living woman, she also takes care of people that are really sick with cancer, that still live at home, could you maybe help me understand what it is that is happening in my life to which I experience these things, in my family only me and my mom are gifted in getting to experience these special events, thank you

ANSWER: Hi Terry,

 I am sorry that it took so long to answer but this is a busy season. There are two main reasons that you may have your ability to sense the spirit and ghost realms. Both traits you possess can be in the genes if you will. It is common for psychical abilities to be passed down from mother to child. Usually from mother to daughter, but not uncommon for the gift to be passed to sons as well. Like hair color, some may match their parents and others not. Sometimes everyone gets a healthy dose of talent, sometimes only one and sometimes a generation is missed. The second reason is likely due to your heritage. Native Americans are as a whole a spiritual people and many are more "in tune" with the spirit realms. {I do not mean spiritual as in a religious sense, but rather a way of life that involves a belief in the afterlife. They have a more earthly pagan approach to worship]. It it obvious that it is easier to be tuned in to the spirit and ghost realms if one has a belief in their existence.

 I can nor expound on the gentleman that you saw when you were five. [As a side note Peter Graves was the younger brother of James Arness, Marshall Matt Dillon of Gun Smoke. I know that this chap was not actually Peter Graves but his dress would indicate a guy that had been alive in the 1950's or 1960's]. The distinguished looking fellow that you saw was a ghost, as he was obvious capable of interaction with his/your environment. I conclude that that he was conscious of your existence. Residual energy is not interactive or intelligent in essence.

I am more familiar with the tribes of Papachase, Cree, Blackfoot, Stoney and Blood as those are tribes that are in my province of Alberta, Canada. My concern for you is that you make sure that you are practicing some sort of protection. Given the amount of time that you have been experiencing the other side of the veil I am assuming that you have very strong and protective guardian spirits and gatekeepers [astral bouncers]. If you ever feel that you are losing any control over the situation, seek out an elder or medicine person to keep you on the safe track. The incident where you were chased is a good example of how strong and protective your guardians were, but even they can sometimes miss the ball and let things get a bit out of hand before they can remedy the situation. As nearly every one goes through hormonal changes, once in puberty and once when we are getting ready for the sidelines of life [the change effects both sexes, meno / andropause] your abilities may change over time.

I would not doubt that you also had the ability to heal, although it may be latent or dormant. In any case, you seem to possess a special gift and ability and seem to be handling it fantastically. If you have any further questions or concerns, I'm here to help. All the best of the holiday season to you and yours.

Take care,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Since the answer you gave me to my last question was so on hit,there was one thing you said that was something you said about me that I probably was also a healer, well what I experience is my body will get tremendously hot, mostly my hands and ears turn bright red, my mother told me that I probably had healing abilities, she told me to rub my hands together and run it over someone's affected area that it would take the pain away, I even experienced running my hands over someone's body to tell them where something was wrong and I was right, an indian lady to me to see a medicine man and see if in fact they were a healing power.But my question to you is my boyfriend of 10 yrs died March 21, 2015 he had cehrosis end stage,after 6 day's in the hospital he died, I am wondering why I don't feel him around me now, it was a bad experience for me,they took his oxygen away and gave him a morphine drip because his organs were all shutting down, I didn't tell him he was dying, and he was flailing around,I feel very quilty, his family left me alone to deal with it by myself, is he still stuck at the hospital wondering where I went, and why I am not there? thank you for your time, have a great day.

ANSWER: Hello T,

  Thank you for the new question. First off, if you wish to develop your gifts please stay away from so called "psychic arts" or metaphysical 'schools'. They are for the most part 99% sham and the only true interest that they have is what is being earned on the bank account income that students provide.

  Personally, I would see someone who is reliable in the life force arts as certain schools of yoga or chi (tai chi, chi kung) or other reputable, reliable sources.

  Now to your question. I am indeed sorry to hear about the passing of your boyfriend. The event has obviously made an impact on you. It is true that hospitals are among the most haunted of places due to the fact that the majority of people who go in expect to come out. But that is not always the case. Unfortunately people die in hospitals, some expectedly and knowingly, and some unaware and suddenly. It is the latter who may stay around for awhile wandering about confused. That is the bad news. However - good news is the rule of the day in most hospital death situations, and I believe that to be what is involved here.

  The majority of Near Death Experiences [NDE] occur in a hospital, or patient care facility. The obvious reason as to why is because of the nearness of trained staff and resuscitation equipment at hand. Many of those, when brought back from the event horizon of death, speak of their experiences in the light and the ineffable wonder, beauty and peace of being in the light. Actually, some are rather "annoyed" that they were brought back to their suffering - but no longer fear the inevitable. In any case, a hospital ghost should eventually figure out what has happened to him/her and move on, usually to a familiar place - usually home. The later of course depends on the personality of the individual ghost and the circumstances of death.

  As for the morphine, it should not have affected his ability to move on. It is unfortunate that the majority of medical personal, regardless of the amount of letters after their names, do not or will not differentiate between the brain and the mind. The drug would have affected the brain, but the mind, the part that survives death, was left intact and not effected. The mind is akin to the soul, the brain is a bunch of grey matter, neurons and chemicals - albeit an extremely complicated bunch of grey matter, neurons and chemicals!!!

  I believe that this is the case with your boyfriend, that he was brought into the light and that is where he is. Spirit guides know when one's time is up and they are prepared to receive their charge upon death. If enough time is available, a whole host of greeters from the astral realm will be there to usher the soul into the light and celebrate his new stage of existence. Once in the light the deceased soul becomes a spirit, not a ghost. Spirits are evolving souls. Your boyfriends death was recent so you can imagine that he still has a lot of lessons to learn. Spirits, except for those who have a specific mission, rarely interact with the living except on the highest level. They as a rule do not interfere with one's life or make their presence known. They will never harm or scare the living. The fact that you have not felt your boyfriends presence indicates to me that he is happily living his new existence in the spirit realm - as it should be.  

  Your boyfriend is alive and at peace in a place where he is continuing to learn and grow. He has all that he needs or wants. And when it is your time to pass, he will be among those who come to ease you into the light.

  T, I hope that this answer helps to clear up some of the confusion and concerns that you have. As always, should you have a new concern, please contact me and I'll do what I can to help. Take care.

Warmest regards,
Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigations [EPC],
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I forgot to mention that a couple if day's before my boyfriend died I noticed him looking up in a corner of the hospitsl room with a big smile on his face, I asked him if he was hallucinating and he said yes that he see's something, and he started to giggle, and said something about a party, so maybe it was his family coming for him, right before he died I noticed that the room had a very gassy smell to it? but I completely forgot to mention to you about a different situation, my sister was taking picture's of my son and his son my grandson, and when she looked at them later she hadn't noticed anything wrong until she started to enlarge them on her phone,in every picture except one my grandson's eyes were all not right, he had no expression an one eye was rolling up in his head and the other down and with grey matter in that area and that area was somewhat blurry, it gave me the creepiest feeling, I well see if I can get her to send the pictures to you, also at times he didn't act like himself, very distant not the normal loving kid, it was as if he didn't even acknowledge our presence. He is just starting kindergarden so he is 5-6 of age. Again that you for your positive feedback to me, you are very well educated in all area's. Have a nice day!

Hi T,

  What you explain about the "hallucination" that your boyfriend was witnessing was not a hallucination in my opinion. What he was encountering was a "Death Bed Experience / Vision".
These are rather common place when a person's death is approaching, and the event has been written about by health care workers in palliative and hospice care facilities.

  Again, most medical staff, either out of ignorance, bias, or fear of ridicule from peers fail to recognize it for what it is, a normal process of dying. They of course attribute it to a number of things, namely hallucination, dementia, cerebral hypoxia [low brain oxygen] and side effects of medications to name a few reasons... rather excuses for something that they do not understand.

  Due to changes in the metabolism and the shutting down of organs an odor can accompany death. It is rather like the smell of nail polish remover. However it may also be attributed to the muscles loosening, the sphincter for example, and the odor of flatulence may be present. However, it is possible that the opening of the light be accompanied by an ozone type aroma. It is impossible to explain what that odor is [unless you have used a negative ion generator - if so - that's it. Note: this is my own theory.]

  T, I would like to thank you for your kind words. Because I do not accept ratings the kindness is much appreciated. I do not accept rankings or points due to the fact that I answer from the heart and brain, not from an egotistical, narcissistic need to have a 10 / 10 score - biasing an answer to what the questioner is likely wants to hear, and often that is not the truth. Believe me, I have peed off my fair share of questioners because the truth is not what they wanted. So again, Thank you!

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada

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