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QUESTION: Hi Greg,A short while ago you gave me advice on possibly having floaters in my eyes,and said if I ever had another question you could help with,to feel free to ask.I hope it's ok I'll take you up on that.I can't find the question I had read one day,I'm sure it was to you.What I had read, mentioned that people who experience mental illness in the physical life on earth,are still mentally ill on the other side after they pass.It does make sense to me,because our minds are not physical,but energy like our souls.But it made me quite sad to think that about my Father.He is 85 and was diagnosed as having dementia a few years ago.The Psychiatrist also said he believed Dad was mentally ill possibly since the age of 19.It came as no surprise to my sister and I,as growing up with him was very difficult at times.We didn't realize it was mental illness until we were adults.As children we just thought he was very odd.I hope that doesn't sound disrespectful towards him,we didn't know what else to make of his strange behavior.What makes me sad is that, normally if someone is suffering physically and they pass away,you feel a peace inside knowing they aren't suffering anymore.To think that he will still suffer from mental illness on the other side ,is quite disheartening.I find myself  wondering what will happen to him then? Will he ever find peace in Heaven? Will he take mental illness with him to another life,should he choose to have one? I Thank you in advance for your opinion,I respect your honesty and integrity.

ANSWER: Hi Rose,

 Thank you for contacting me with your concerns. I'd ask how the weather in Alberta is, but it's minus 15 degrees, so I know! I remember you contacting me awhile back. We were corresponding via the Eidolon Project Canada e-mail, that is why it does not show up in the AllExperts Q&A section.

 I will try to clear up what happens to those who were not of sound mind and/or body after they have passed on. The mind and soul, as they are generally referred to in regards to life after death are pretty much the same thing. We could group them together into one word, "personality". It is the personality of the individual that survives physical death. The mind is the keeper of that personality so to speak. The mind is not the brain, although many would disagree and state that when the brain dies, so does the mind and therefore the personality and upon death the dead become void, that existence in any way, shape or form is impossible. Proof of the survival or the extinction of the personality has yet to be accomplished. I suppose that the good news lays in the fact that if the people who do not believe in survival after death die, we won't have to listen them to say, "I told you so".

Whether or not the mind/personality is a type of energy that obeys the laws of physics as we know them is also up to debate. I personally believe that if we move on to another dimension, that dimension may have a whole new way of looking at what we perceive as "real". There are so many people in this field who use the conservation of energy principle , the first law of thermodynamics, to state that because energy can neither be created nor destroyed that the energy of the mind must therefore survive. That is bending the law to fit their agenda. Energy either passes unchanged from one state to another or else it looses some of that energy in heat. It is either an equal or a diminished exchange due to entropy. Because the second law of thermodynamics destroys the perfect picture that is trying to be created when these people spout off the first law, it is conveniently "forgotten", hoping that no one will notice. However, if they are going to use one law of thermodynamics to support their cause, then they have to use all of the laws of thermodynamics.

 Another item that is conveniently never brought up is that the conservation of energy laws can be broken under certain circumstances, such as the creation of a virtual particle such as at virtual photon. All this adds up to the fact that we are treating the mind as if it was matter and was therefore subject to the theories of relativity, being that matter and energy are interchangeable. That may be the case here in our limited three dimensional existence, but as I stated, we do not know what laws and principles are at work in other realms. We may never know while we are stuck here as we can not see the higher dimensions while using three dimensional "sight". I personally think that if the soul survives, then it is now, and will be after death, a "field" similar to gravity. Its structure may not be able to be "quantified". In other words, I doubt if there is a quanta of soul/mind as there is a quanta of light [photon]. Before I leave the subject of physics I need to state that it is amazing that theory physicists can make up theories and laws and occasionally even even make up virtual mathematical numbers to support their idea yet they remain to be called scientists but when people involved in the paranormal come up with an unproven theory, we are called nuts!. Not fair.

 I'll try to clear up the afterlife bit here. When one dies, they take the luggage that they packed here with them into the other side. When people suffer from dementia late in their lives, that is only the top layer of the luggage. Your father had the greatest part of his life not suffering from the condition, so although he may have been initially confused at the onset and the early stages of passing over, he would have reverted to his better days in a time. It is very well documented that those who experienced a Near Death Experience and had suffered from physical ailments while living were complete and whole when in the light or spirit realm. Cripples do walk [although in the spirit realm they do not need legs to travel. As Fox Mulder said, God is the master of irony] and blind people do "see". Our bodies are not our minds, as evident when we are in a state of paralysis in sleep yet doing the mambo while dreaming.  People who suffered from mental problems later in life will return to full function. When I state that some will carry their condition into the after life I am referring to those who where born with, or developed the condition early in life, as that is the contents of their luggage.

 Despite your father being diagnosed with a mental illness, it seems that he was functional. He would be at the very least as functional in the afterlife had he not gone into the light and remained earth bound. Here is the important thing and if you take with you anything from this reply take this. There are at least two areas of the afterlife. There is one that is 1- between our earth realm and there is 2- the spirit realm [Heaven as you put it]. When we die the light to the spirit realm, the tunnel as most refer to it, becomes apparent [think of Dorothy's yellow brick road]. The tunnel leads to the spirit realm in the light. However, there are those who decide for whatever purpose to not make the journey into that light. They may become the earthbound souls, potential ghosts and future haunters. There is a very good chance that your father made the journey into the light. I say this for a few reasons. First, he would have become coherent upon his death and aware of what was going on. More importantly, he lead a long life and was aged when he passed. In expected deaths those who passed before the dying are waiting for them to escort them into the light. That is a given. He may have even seen these people and guides [sometime angels too depending on his beliefs] hours, or even days before he actually passed. Because of his dementia, he and/or his caregivers may have taken that as a hallucination. But rest assured that his guides were there for him and escorted him to the spirit realm. Here is the great news, it is in the spirit realm where life long mental disabilities are taken away. The spirit realm is a place of growth, nurturing and evolvement. In the light one is 100 percent whole and pure. I honestly believe that because of his condition while passing, that he went into the light with his guides. He is not suffering in the slightest. That condition does not exist there. You can help but to find peace in the light as you are surrounded by peace in the light.  He will likely be one of the people who come to escort you into your Heaven when it is your turn to make the journey. Incidentally, if you occasionally feel his presence, do not be alarmed. As Spirits, those who are at home in the light, are free to travel between the physical earth realm and their home, he may stop in once in a while to visit. A visit from a spirit is different than a haunting by a ghost. Spirits are known to show up for special occasions, so blow him a kiss this Christmas, he'll get it and take it back home!

 Well Rose, I hope that this has helped clear up some of the confusion regarding the afterlife. Again, I am here to help so if you ever have any questions or concerns, you know where to find me. Take care and if I don't hear from you before Christmas, have a great holiday and fantastic New Year!


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QUESTION: Hi Greg,Thank-you so much for all your thoughts and information regarding the Afterlife.You've been very helpful,again.I was embarrassed when I asked you the last question about seeing orbs of light,I assumed that I was seeing something paranormal,possibly my Guardian Angels,(wishful thinking maybe),and it turned out to be floaters. You were so kind,and your advice to go see my eye Doctor,could have prevented something quite serious from happening to my eyesight.I'm so grateful for that.For your answer here,knowing our Dad will be ok after he pass's away,I can't tell you what that means to me.I should have specified that he is still here with us.I feel at peace about it now,when the time comes,that he's ready to cross over.I'm thinking of getting a book on "Quantum Physics" to better understand and learn more about all this.I've always had a fascination with the subject of Life after Death,as well as other areas related to it,and after reading your answer ,I realize there's so much I don't know or completely understand.Does Quantum Physics cover some of the words you used like "Thermodynamics,virtual photon's,entropy, and quantified?" I've never studied any kind of physics before.I would love to learn more.A lot of the Spiritual books I've read just kind of touch on it,but I feel I should learn from the beginning.Maybe I'm not ready for Quantum Physics just yet,but if you know of a good Author,who explains those terms you used,in an easy to understand way,to get me started,I would be so very grateful.Thanks again,

Hi Rose,

 I'm glad that your dad is still around. Remember that if he is "seeing things" when his time comes for a new life that he is not hallucinating. If he sees dead people it is a good thing, they are his "fetches" the family and friends who have passed before him and a guide or two to take him home. Some people will stay around to watch their funeral, people are funny that way. Most will go into the light after that. In the past I have always told the people who have passed over to go into the light and I be there when it's my turn and we'll get together then. It doesn't hurt to encourage a passed soul to go into the light. Basically that is what the purpose of the Tibetan Book of the Dead is, to encourage and lead the dead over to the next realm.

 Rose, I am no expert in physics, quantum or classical, but an avid student. When it comes to the math - forget it - I'm lost. I state in my AllExperts bio that the more I study death the more I learn of life. It is  physics and science that I refer to in that statement. I find the subject fascinating. As Rutherford said, "There is only physics, the rest is stamp collecting" when he spoke of science. His meaning is that every other science is based on physics as every other science boils down to it's concepts and complexities.

 I would be glad to recommend some books. I believe that it is best to wade into quantum physics ocean as if you jump in you'll find the waters pretty cold and uninviting. I will also recommend books that are written for the general public and not for other physicists or mathematicians. I don't know how many will be easy to find.

Science Matters - Achieving Scientific Literacy - Hazen / Trefil {my first choice to get started]

The Cartoon Guide to Physics - Larry Gonick / Art Huffman [my 2nd choice]

A Briefer History of Time - Stephen Hawking, PhD [Hawking writes for an easy read]

Alice in Quantumland - An Allegory of Quantum Physics - Robert Gilmore

In Search of Schrödinger's Cat - Quantum Physics and Reality - John Gribbin, PhD

You may also wish to check out titles in my library at

 I'm glad that your curiosity has been sparked. As Niels Bohr said, "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it." I am shocked and I still don't understand it - never will! But the fun is in the search for meaning, at least the way I look at it.

 OH... before I forget, another good read is
"What the Bleep Do We Know" - Arntz/Chasse/Vicente
And the full movie can also be found on Youtube at  
You'll have to copy/paste the above address

 I hope that this helps! Take care...

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