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Ghosts and Hauntings/Why am I having sleep paralysis & dreams about the devil?


I can't move in my sleep. I have scary dreams about the devil & demons.I'm a christian and believe in god. I had a dream that I was marrying the devil once and it scared the crap out of me and I also had a dream that I was in hell and I and another were my house was burning and I could not move and a voice told me I was going to hell and a devil and all these people talking about hell. Then I was with my mom dad and sister in a town and they all died. I was on the ground and people ran around and fire was everywhere. I woke up scared. I've had these dreams a couple of nights in a row and I've even prayed before I slept.

It was as if I was in a coma like state, awake, but not able to move or talk, I tried to speak and wanted to speak but couldn't nor could I move,my body wasn't and didn't respond to my desire to wake up and I couldn't open my eyes.I tried calling out for help but it nothing wanted to come out, (this is not the first time it happened to me) This was real and creepy. It's like I wasn't even asleep. i actually feel like im really awake. I hate going to sleep after it happens.

I try to reach out and grab someone or call their name, but I get nothing. I guess its in my head, cause I can't speak. I think to myself but this the scariest stuff ever. I Don't know how to get away from it and wish I could. This happens all the time. I'm a grown man and it makes me scared to be alone at night or sleep alone. When i finally woke up from the state, My arms were no floating and they were right where my face was as sleeping... can anyone tell me what the heck happened? Is this something supernatural?
Why am I having these dreams? Help?

Pls share ur ways of shaking it, if you have any pls!

Dear Daniell,
       How you are doing? I am very sorry to hear that you are going through a tough situation. This is not a serious situation eventhough it is bothering you a lot. Now let's look at the reason why you are having these. Drems can happen due to many different reasons like you see something, heard something, balancing your mind etc.
       now, in your dream you were getting married to a devil. It can mean few thing. May be it is a warning that you are involved or going to involve something evil. It is also possible that some bad spirits attacted to you, means trying to change you to a bad person.these are only possibilities not certain.

     Last thing i want to explain to you is the supernatural powers. Some people are more sensitive to spirits and other worlds. If you are able to see the dreams like the one you had with out of the body experience, try not to get scared. It is just opening a gate to the knowledge of spirit world and all other worlds. But if yoh are feeling more like coma type situatuation you should check with a doctor.

If there is anything you need help with, you send me a mail or call on my cell 516 813 8130.
Stay with God, meditate and pray everyday.
God bless you.
Mathew, S.  

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